The through a contractor and not directly for work

The contract labour system has been prevalent worldwide since ages, it is the practice of hiring workers through a contractor and not directly for work to be done in his establishment or industry, it is generally preferred than regular employment because it creates a triangular relationship and does not place any liability or responsibility in the principal employer and also because it is suitable for industries which do not have the need for continuous workforce but only for specific activities for a period of time . The Contract Labour Act was brought into effect for the welfare of the contract laborers for abolition wherever possible or regulations. Contract labor is different than the regular employees though it may seem convenient for the user enterprise their conditions of service are far poorer than the regular employees these laborers belong to the unorganized sector, they have no bargaining power and they also lack employment security due to this fear of losing their jobs there is no solidarity within them to represent themselves at an equal footing to the employer.The Act provides that the contractor or the principal employer should make available all the facilities like canteens , restrooms , first aid facilities readily to be available at all times in case of any accidents , other facilities like drinking water , convenience of latrines,urinals and washing facilities all these facilities should be made available to the contract labour at all times for their welfare and also for the efficiency . The act also provides that if the contractor fails to take care of these facilities then the employer has to see to it that they are made available he can later recover the expenses for those amenities from the contractor. All these basic facilities are completely reasonableness and not impossible to provide for the contractor he has to devise ways to make the basic needs of the labor available.The practical view differs from the object to be achieved while enacting this legislature, though the act provides for these facilities they are not strictly followed or taken care of in reality rather the contract laborers are exploited as they are already in a vulnerable position and have the constant fear of losing their jobs .