The this new organization was to protect africans americans

The Black Panther Party was formed on October 15, 1966 in oakland california by Huey Newton and Bobby Seale. The Black Panther Party was originally called The Black Panther Party for Self-Defense but later shortened the name. The starting goal for this new organization was to protect africans americans from police brutality. What started as just some police patrols at first, later formed into a marxist political organization, with its members reaching into the thousands and offices in many different cities across the US. Its founders, Newton and Seale met at college in 1961 and discovered that they shared much of the same passion for bringing african american history to people in the US. After the assassination of famous african american equalist Malcolm X (whose practices were “deeply rooted in the theoretical foundations of the BPP”(marxist,2)) and an unarmed teen at the hands of the police, Newton and Seale decided to form the Black Panther Party. The BPP’s first main job was to patrol neighborhoods in oakland and other cities for police activity. The BBP members got noticeable attention from these patrols due to their clothing of black berets, black leather jackets, tight black jeans and the large array of open arm weapons they carried. At the time of the rise of the BPP there were many other “African American Nationalist organizations, such as Universal Negro improvement Association and the Nation of Islam, to which it was commonly compared”(Britannica, 2). the BPP, though sharing some common interests with these other organizations had other philosophical and ideological ideas as well which set itself apart. One of these was that while other African American nationalists regarded all white as the offending race, the BBP allied themselves with non racist progressive whites as well. In the BBP’s views they have been referred to aa  a communist organization for incorporating Marx’s hate for capitalism into their beliefs that “economic exploitation is at the root of all oppression in the united state and abroad and abolition of capitalism is a precondition of social justice”. The views of karl marx can also be seen in the black panther party’s 10 Point Program, this program called for the government to act upon the inequalities that african americans were facing in their societies and communities. In this document they called for “an immediate end to police brutality; employment for African americans and land,housing and justice for all”(History, 7). To enact some of this change themselves the BBP started over 30 social programs that provided help in the areas of  transportation, education, legal, disease testing, and much more. They are most known for the Free Breakfast for children Program, the BPP’s enactment of this forced the federal government to make their own breakfast act permanent to combat the BBPs new popularity. In may of 1967 members of the black panther party led by their chair and bearing arms walked into the california state legislature building in Sacramento. They did this is in protest of the possibility of a new gun control law that would limit the groups efforts to stop police brutality in california.  Even though this demonstration and many just like it are what gained the BPP members it also made them gain enemies, like the FBI. FBI director J. Edgar Hoover,since calling the BBP the greatest threat to human security, launched a secret counterintelligence program called COINTELPRO to take the BBP down. COINTELPRO used “agent provocateurs, sabotage, misinformation, and lethal force”(history,8), all of this and a very deadly police shootout that was called as “wrongful uses of power” in the case of the FBI ultimately resulted in the downfall of the BPP and deaths of many of its leading members. The BPP has had a very lasting impact on civil rights and its presence is still very much alive today in the form of new parties and ideologies everywhere.