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The book 1984 by George Orwell takes place in London, England in 1984. The book revolves around a government party called “The Party” which is run by a man known as “Big Brother”. The Party has control over everything, including history, language, and the way people are allowed to think and feel. At the beginning of the book, readers are introduced to a 39-year-old man named Winston Smith. He is a Party member working at the Ministry of Truth correcting “errors” from the past in order to satisfy the Party. He is very frustrated by the strict control of The Party because it forbids him from having freethought, sex, and the expression of individuality. He has much hatred for the Party and purchased a diary to write his thoughts. During this period, he meets and talks to a Party member named O’Brien, who he believes is a member of the brotherhood that is rebelling against The Party. For several days a girl with dark hair stared at Winston, giving him the feeling that she’s an informant wanting to turn him in for his thoughtcrime. One day, Julia hands Winston a note the reads “I love you.” From this point on, Julia and Winston have a secret affair that lasts for a long time. Shortly after, Winston receives a message that O’Brien wants to see him. O’Brien confirms that he’s against The Party and states that he’s a member of the Brotherhood. At the end of their meet, Winston and Julia are handed a copy of Goldstein’s book that is the manifesto of the Brotherhood, and they both read it together. Suddenly, soldiers from The Party barge in and capture them. Both Winston and Julia are separated from each other, but Winston is held in the Ministry of Love, whereas Julia it is untold. During his time there he is tortured by O’Brien who turns out to be a spy who pretended to be a member of the Brotherhood in order to catch Winston and Julia committing rebellion against the Party. After countless days of torture and no information taken out of Winston, he is finally taken to room 101, where O’Brien tells him that he will be forced to face his worst fear, O’Brien places a cage full of rats onto Winston’s head and starts to loosen the straps to allow the rats to eat his face. Instantly Winston can’t hold in and pleads to O’Brien to do to it Julia, not to him. O’Brien got exactly what he wanted as Winston turned on Julia in order to save himself. After this, Winston was let go because he was no use to the Party anymore. Finally, he met up with Julia and didn’t feel any of the feelings he felt about her at the beginning of the book and never bothered to talk to her because he knew that Big Brother was watching him.