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The 15th amendment of United States Constitution prohibited the federal and State governments from denying a citizen the right to vote based on that citizen’s race (Khan Academy). The 15th amendment was passed in February 26, 1869. The 15th amendment basically allowed the African American men the right to vote. This law was basically for the Southern States because of how the mistreatment and the inequality of rights was happening. Even though this law was passed the Southerners always had a way to mistreat the African’s rights and take advantage of them. The 15th amendment was supposed to finish the mistreatment of rights in the South. The Southerners came up with poll taxes. These poll taxes were made so that the African Americans were not allowed to vote. In 1889-1910, the Poll Tax was connected with voting rights. The poll tax stated that you had to pay in order to vote. Many African Americans as well as poor whites couldn’t afford this because the tax was too high, disallowing them the ability to vote. They invented the poll tax because only the white, rich wealthy men could pay off the tax that was required to vote. The Southerners used this to stop the African Americans from voting. This allowed African Americans to not have a voice on voting which limited them to their rights as being a citizen of the United States. This would have affected the African Americans dramatically because they were still considered to be a slave. These poll taxes were successful because the former Africans American slaves wouldn’t have had enough money to be able to afford to vote. The Southerners also came up with a Literacy test to stop the African Americans from voting. Since they knew that some African Americans could pay off the poll tax, they came up with a literacy test to limit more people from voting (Khan Academy). Most of the white Southerners couldn’t even pass this test. In the 1890s to the 1960s, state governments in the South, administered literacy tests to trick people like African Americans who haven’t been educated. This allowed the Southerners to have less votes for the African Americans because they knew that they wouldn’t pass. Since the African Americans worked their whole life in farms they haven’t had an opportunity to study or have an education. The Southerners knew this, so they made the literacy test to trick them. Most of the African Americans would have fail this. Only high educated men would have passed this and would be allowed to vote. Even though congress passed the 15th amendment, the Southerners will always have a way to go over the law and prohibit the African Americans from using their rights.