The the time that it will arrive at station,

                           The Problems we face  The smart city concept means integrating of?information and communication technology, and also a lot of different electronic devices connected to the network, in order to optimize people’s daily work.? As we want to make our city smarter from transportation system of view, we must develop an application, mobile ones, in order to minimize the time for arriving in one place and to avoid delays. Of course, this app cannot be applicable without three more main components, and all four will interact with each other at the same time. These are :Electronic Billboard at each station( that will have information about number of conveyance, live location of each transport and the time that it will arrive at station, or if something was going wrong, it will show the schedule of delays), GPS in Public Transport  (which will help us to ensure live location and displacement of conveyance, that will be shown on app and station’s panels) and the most important is Wi-Fi( which is the main component that will provide the real-time interaction between those components, and how we all know that the first step in building a smart city is to get widely accessible super-fast internet).  Unfortunately, we encounter a lot of problems that make our team work much more difficult. These ones are mostly regarding economic side: It is very expensive to install at each station electronic billboards, as our government does not have a large budget for delivering such an amount of IT infrastructures, and Wi-Fi. However, we hope that our project will be of interest for our government, such that it can find out foreign investors that will help our country become “smarter”. Such country as China, India and majority of European countries and cities as Dubai, Stockholm, London, New Zealand, Madrid, Barcelona, Luxembourg, Aalborg, Amsterdam, Manchester, Bucharest, Padova, Venezia and New York already implemented?some elements of Smart City concept. Therefore, we hope that they can help us to accomplish our purpose.  In addition, we must ensure each public transport with Wi-Fi, as for our app is necessary to install GPS is each of them, for insurance a live location/live map, which is also very expensive. Fortunately, we found out a solution that can make our work easiest. This one is GPS with offline map support. A lot of GPS app let to users to download maps for offline use as we want to minimize the expenses for paying the Wi-Fi internet or Mobile data. With offline maps, we can check our location at that moment, and then simply to write from and to location and see the route and the types and numbers of public transport that can help us to reach our desired destination.?We found out that were invented offline GPS apps, such as Google Maps, Maps Me, MapFactor GPS Navigation Maps, GPS Navigation and Maps Sygic, CoPilot GPS Sat-Nav Navigation, also Navigon, Navmii. Therefore, we can try to make our app offline.  Another problem is that we are not yet so experienced, so we do not know different programming languages, in order to implement our application. Thus, now we are just on the concept level, designing and making a prototype of our app, thinking about it future functionalities and making a plan how it will work and what other interactions we must develop.