The the strategies and objectives accordingly. Online advertising is

The role of social media marketing bears an immense importance
nowadays. The social media is very valuable when some company or organization needs
to aware about their products and services. Social media can reach in each and
every place of different countries and can make aware the normal people. It has
been found out from different reports that India uses more social media than
other parts of the world. Social media is very helpful in making understand the
people about the importance of the business objectives of a particular
organization. Apart from that it also helps the employees of the organization
to know the insights of the particular organization in which they are working
or will be working. It will come to our mind, why social media or why not other
platforms. The answer is whenever a new organization wants to advertise their
products or an existing company wants to advertise their new products they just
use different social media platforms as this can be well reached by the normal
people and they can know much about the product with just a simple click. It
has also been seen that 95.7% of different organizatio0n uses different social
media websites to make communities of people who are interested in buying that
particular product. If the products get published in any leading social media
the company can make some money with each click on the product.

   Digital marketing
is also an integral part of social media marketing. There are different types
of functions and roles which are performed by a digital marketing company.  It is very important for today’s world that
different companies which produce different products for the consumption of
common people that they keep a strong online presence in the eyes of common
people. The main functions of a digital marketing company are:

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To do different kinds of market research for a
particular company

To synchronize all the profiles of the
organization with the social media platforms

To increase the visibility of the company in
different online platforms

There are different digital media companies which are
working very well in India. Some of the companies are as follows:

iProspect India- This company helps the organization to
grow their business in a very fast manner. The company is also responsible for
determining the different kinds of strategies which the organization needs to
follow in order to reach more people.

Wat Consultant- This Company helps the organization to
establish bonds with their customers and set up the strategies and objectives


advertising is another key component of social media marketing. Online
advertising is very helpful in increasing the market dominance and profit of
the companies as they help the companies to reach a new level of advertisement.
In a study by IAMAI there are about 38.5 million internet users who have become
the sole target of these advertising companies and convert them into potential
customers of different brands. Organizations like TYROO, KOMLI, PUBMATIC are
doing really good in this field and are leading companies of India.