The The #MeToo movement was essentially started by an

The Internet has given women an unfiltered medium and unlimited audience they previously did not have to communicate their messages to the world. Many minority women could be affected the most by the FCC decision to repeal net neutrality. FCC Chairman Pai believes that the open market will do a better job than the government at regulating the Internet because businesses will have to pay for their sites to have full speed. He claims that a “roll-back” on net neutrality would help to create a more safe, free and open Internet. This  would provide and incentivize network investments to benefit consumers. But, in a way this is a really hot topic, because it may just be a way to let big business control the internet and their own views. For women, the abolishment of net neutrality will hit especially hard because women nationwide are using the power of the Internet to be able to organize, share stories, and build businesses in droves that help influence their ideas and movements. The #MeToo movement was essentially started by an African American woman about 10 years ago, and it only began with a simple twitter hashtag. With loss of net neutrality that hashtag may have never led to the ongoing national reckoning over sexual harassment. Instead an internet service provider could have been able to slow the speed of the post or even delete it altogether. So, it is scary about what can happen without net neutrality and the consequences of us losing it. Anita Hill had drawn attention so sexual harassment through her supreme court case, and even before that it was not uncommon to find women sleeping with bosses for better positions in the workroom. But Anita Hill and the women’s liberation movement had brought to life a movement against the sexual harassment of women. I guess you can relate this net neutrality incident to Carnegie steel and monopolies. It will allow for big business to essentially have full control over the internet and be able to slow or throw out sites they do not like, just as in a monopoly they can artificially inflate the price of steel or other materials because they are the only ones around to sell it. Big business in history has always essentially had a foot in the door and influences everything in our lives and this is another example of big business trying to mess with our way of life with the internet. As a sort of side note, isn’t the internet essentially a way to have our own free speech, and isn’t that protected by the constitution? I believe that we should keep net neutrality because it allows for movements and new ideas to happen without outside influences. We need the internet because it is such a big part of our growing technologically advanced society allowing for change. However without neutrality change may be blocked or influenced by businesses that can afford to have their own sites as the fastest on the internet. We should preserve the net neutrality of internet because it allows for new views and voices that would have gone unheard of in society without it.