The the Mauritian economy, which should be preserved. This

The NGO was
officially registered with the Registry of Associations under the name ECO-SUD
on the 11th February 2000.

The Blue Bay and Pointe Desny site
is located in the southeast of Mauritius, near Mah├ębourg, between the two
subdivisions of the Grand-Port Fishing Reserve.

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The project aims in particular to
protect the marine environment from the degradation of biodiversity in coastal
marine ecosystems and coral reefs, which is mainly related to human activities.

The park covers a marine area of 353
hectares and is home to a wide variety of corals with a rich and diverse fauna
and flora (mangroves, algae, seagrass, fish and other marine life). Currently
38 species of coral and 72 species of fish have been identified in the park. It
is also for its particular ecosystem of reefs and associated biological
habitat, that on September 10, 2008 the Blue Bay Marine Park was officially
classified RAMSAR site for Mauritius.

Marine protected areas are defined
areas for safeguarding coastal ecosystems. As for the Blue Bay Marine Park,
they have been the subject of legal texts which for various reasons have only
been partially applied or sufficient in the field.

Threats to this marine area are essentially:

Threats to this marine area are mainly non-recyclable
landfill (plastic waste) but also pollution from domestic and beach users. In
addition, the strong movement of motor boats is part of the mechanical or
chemical destruction of the habitat of corals, fish and other marine species
present on the site. Namely, the reduced fish stocks due largely to inadequate
or illegal fishing practices may be a threat to the biodiversity of the marine

The project site, one of the most
beautiful in Mauritius, is also a source of income for the Mauritian economy,
which should be preserved. This project is an integral part of the ambitious
project, Maurice ile Durable.

Project justification

The actors and potential partners of
the Blue Lagoon project, fishermen, representatives of the Ministry of
Fisheries, tourism operators, inhabitants of the region, were heard. Many
exchanges have been shared, it appears that the project site is characterized
by a unique ecosystem that invites all stakeholders to play an active role in
protecting and safeguarding this fragile ecosystem. The ecological system and
consequently the inshore fishery are threatened by improper or even illegal
practices of the users of the sea. The control over these users is
insufficient, despite the existence of legal conditions for balanced management
of this area.

In light of this, the National
Environmental Strategy and Action Plan, the Regional Program for the
Sustainable Management of Coastal Zones in Indian Ocean Countries, and GEF SGP,
Eco-Sud, a long-time NGO that leads to Mauritius actions to protect and protect
the environment, has, in consultation with the aforementioned actors,
determined actions to protect the marine ecosystem and traditional fishing that
should be prioritized to engage on the site.


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