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The Last Of Us (2013)The Last Of Us is a video game produced by Naughty Dog, it’s a survival-horror game that takes place in 2033 during the aftermath of a fungal (Cordyceps) infection that has wiped out 60% of mankind. The story is about a smuggler named Joel and his journey to escort a young girl named Ellie who is immune to the infection to a group of survivors trying to find a curePlot Structure The Last Of Us is split into 12 chapters including a prologue and epilogue, every chapter is set weeks apart from each other to allow for a longer time to develop characters and the setting. The main game takes place over the course of a year with the seasons changing to represent this. The list of chapters is as follows: Prologue: Hometown (20 years before the main game) (Summer)Chapter 1: The Quarantine Zone (Summer)Chapter 2: The Outskirts (Summer)Chapter 3: Bill’s Town (Summer)Chapter 4: Pittsburgh (Autumn) Chapter 5: The Suburbs (Autumn)Chapter 6: Tommy’s Dam (Autumn)Chapter 7: The University (Autumn)Chapter 8: Lakeside Resort (Winter)Chapter 9: Bus Depot (Spring)Chapter 10: The Firefly Lab (Spring)Epilogue: Jackson (Spring)Story The Game tells the story of Joel and his journey to get a young girl named Ellie to a military group called the Fireflies, who want to use Ellie’s immunity to the CBI (Cordyceps Brain Infection) to reverse engineer a cure or vaccine. Over the course of the trip the two meet many people some hostile, and some friendly, and their interaction with these people help develop a bond between them.       ThemesThe game’s story uses a variety of themes such as survivalism, ethics, and guilt, the uses of these themes makes the story feel bleak and the world feel desperate, and it’s the characters relationships with this world that helps make their actions feel relatable and realistic, the characters need for food, and supplies leads them to kill and torture others to obtain the items, this kind of ‘kill or be killed’ mentality leads to the player question if humanity is worth saving        GameplayThe game is a third person behind the shoulder survival-horror stealth game, the player’s main objective is to follow a linear path to an exit location where the story will progress. The player is given many ways of finishing an objective and is given many tools to do so, the main way to get to location to location is stealth, by staying out of an enemies sight the player can get to the exit without wasting vital supplies which are hard to come by, including ammo, health packs, bombs, shivs and distraction tools, distraction tools are a way of disrupting an enemy’s set path to allow the player to sneak past or sneak kill them. Sneak kills are a way of disposing of an opponent without wasting any supplies other than shivs, which makes them extremely useful when up against an enemy that would cause a hassle for the player if spotted. Outside of combat the player is allowed to explore the environments to find items and supplies and is often rewarded for doing so with new upgrades for the player or parts to make or improve weapons. The environments are bursting with realism, beauty and minor details, the player can explore these environments to find crafting supplies and conversations activated by interacting with things littered throughout the world, these conversations adds a level of immersion that helps make the player feel invested in the games world and characters       Review The Last Of Us is one of the best video games ever made, the Characters that the story portrayed feel realistic and human and makes care for them even if the choices they make are selfish or unkind, and the themes that the flow though the story are dark and makes the player question what’s the right choice and/or what they would have done instead. The story is the best thing about The Last Of Us as it never feels forced and feels like it was the top priority of the team, but even then describing it cannot do it justice, the emotions that The Last Of Us makes you go through can’t be put to words. The Gameplay is tough and hands on the player has to always be engaged at all times to get through and always has to be thinking of a way to reach the exit without wasting time or supplies. The Graphics and Musical score are also gorgeous, the game looks beautiful and every location is designed extremely well to make the player feel immersed is the setting, the music score helps this, from the melancholy guitar strings of main theme to the ominous tones of ‘The Infected’. Overall I believe the game is a masterpiece of storytelling and gaming and one of if not the best game of all timeScore: 10/10Other Reviews Metacritic: (Critic Score 95/100 from 98 reviews) (User Score 98/100 from 8356 reviews)IGN: 10/10The Game as seen above has reserved acclaim from both Critics and average gamers, the game was also the winner of many game of the year awards from IGN, BAFTA, D.I.C.E, and many more