The the duke, which allows for an amount of

The Lies of Locke lamora is a fictional fantasy
book written by the author Scott Lynch. 
Set in the fabricated city of Camorr, based on late medieval Venice on
an anonymous world.  The story follows a
group of elite thieves but more specifically the main character Locke Lamora
and his past growing up in Camorr.  Throughout
the thieves time, they’ve been defying the unspoken agreeement between the corrupt
underground and the government of the duke, which allows for an amount of
organized crime.  The story picks up
following Locke at the age of 6, currently a deceitful, scheming, high strung
thief.  Locke’s current guardian, the
Thiefmaker simply wishes to kill off Locke Lamora for his unruly behaviour
before he ends up causing problems for the secret peace and underground
community.  Instead he settles on selling
Locke to a man named Father Chains, a priest of the Crooked Warden, The god of
thieves.  Chains was the current leader
of Locke’s group of thieves and was trained for nearly the next 20 years under
Chains with the rest of the thieves in order to become master thieves.  Locke eventually takes over the team as
leader, which consists of Jean Tannen, an adept brawler, Calo and Galdo Sanza,
two identical twins who’ve mastered all tricks of deceit and bug a newly found
apprentice following Chain’s death.  Another
associate mentioned throughout the series is a female thief by the name of Sabetha
but does not appear for the remainder of the novel.  The Criminal world included follows a tax,
collected by the king of the underground known as Capa Barsavi.  Locke manages to convince the Capa that his
group of thieves are simple pickpockets 
who collect only enough to live every collection.  In secret, Locke’s group is really an elite group
of con artists who’ve conned plenty members of the nobility and have amassed a
large fortune hidden within their hide out.  


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