The the domain of certain tools. For example, if

The first thing to do is to analyze the target audience and know what
are the factors that influence it, what are the social networks that they use the
most ,  what kind of
interactions they carry out in each one of them and if they are really active.
It is also important to study the presence of our competitors in these
social networks; knowing which platforms move, which ones
have a greater presence and a higher level of response, will help us learn from
their successes and their mistakes.

However, it is not about copying, but about
improving. Therefore, we must consider how we can differentiate ourselves from the competition in our
Social Media Marketing strategy to highlight and
generate value for followers. For this,
it is essential to be informed of the latest news and developments of the
different social platforms and see if it is useful as it would be a good way to
get some advantage over our competitors.

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It is essential to establish
a strategy before starting the presence of our company in social networks, and
know what we want to achieve through the different platforms we are going to


What are our resources? 

The creation of content and
interaction with our audience is vital. Therefore, depending on knowledge
and time, social celebrities/companies establish editorial planning to meet
these needs. Another factor to take into account is the domain of certain
tools. For example, if we do not know how to create videos and we do not
have the resources to work with an external agency, a YouTube account is not
essential; or if the content is exclusively text, Pinterest and Instagram
are not the best tools to reach our goal.


Once the accounts are
created on the most appropriate platforms for our purposes, we must be patient.
Having a large digital presence in the media is something
laborious that is gradually being achieved. If the public notices our work because it follows us in other
social networks, with doing a little publicity in these we will soon start to
get performance to our account in the new platform. If on the other hand,
the public does not know us, it is essential that we are the ones who approach
them identifying and talking about our works.