The The Confederate States of America was therefore birthed,

The American Civil War is the bloodiest war fought on American soil, from 1861 to 1865, the long-standing controversy over slavery had reached its peak. The Confederate States of America was therefore birthed, out of the secession of Southern States consisting of South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina, and Tennessee. Shortly after President Abraham Lincoln was inaugurated the Confederate States of America attacked Fort Sumter, in South Carolina, in April of 1861. Historians often tend to mistaken Lincoln as the cause of the Civil War, which is false, Lincoln’s inaugural was simply the straw that broke the camel’s back, Lincoln threatened the Southern way of life due to the fact Lincoln’s campaign revolved around containing slavery where it currently resided, impeding the expansion of it leading to its downfall. Although Lincoln never said he wanted to abolish slavery, the Southern Secessionists jumped the gun and assumed he wanted to abolish slavery simply because he belonged to the Republican Party, a political party dedicated to the opposition and abolishment of slavery.  Historians later coined the statement “the North won the war, but the South won the peace” this statement is accurate because although the North won the Civil War, the South was able to maintain their  three, Political, Economic, and Social, structures, more or less the same as the Antebellum South as well as that the South got everything they desired and more, despite losing the war.    According to the AP United States History book, the Southern and Northern states were power hungry, new states meant more representatives in the House of Representatives, depending on whether it was a slave or free state. In an article posted on HistoryNet titled “Secession” as the United States acquired new land, the southern and northern states debated whether or not slavery would be permitted in the new territories. The Southern slave owners feared that the addition of new anti-slavery states would give control of the government to abolitionists, the north would gain more representatives in the House of Rep, and eventually abolish it once and for all, making the Southerners’ fear a reality. A month prior to the end of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln was assassinated, leaving the Republicans Republicans in charge of the government. Alas after four long years, the North defeated the South winning the war. Soon after the war during the Reconstruction Era, three important amendments were amended into the U.S Constitution forever changing American Life, nationwide. Prior the outbreak of the Civil War, the Southern secessionists aimed to maintain their thriving economic system, slavery, as well as keep their Political, Economic and Social structures untouched. If slavery were to be abolished the Southern way of life would forever change, without slavery, plantation owners would lose it all , their workers, their wealth etcetera. The Southern economy would be completely collapse, much like a pyramid does when the base is knocked out the entire structure collapses. The South set their foundations on slavery, slaves or Black Americans were at the bottom once they were freed and rose up in society, financially and politically it was a matter of time before the South completely collapse. On the other hand, before the Civil War the North sought to preserve the Union, as a whole rather than two. Alas, during the War both the Union and the Confederacy began to, drastically, tweak their goals. While at War, the union now sought to not only preserve the union, but to abolish slavery, an evil mechanism, once and for all, nationwide. While the Confederacy fought for the maintenance of slavery, as well to forever maintain itself free from the Union. Long before amending the 13th rebelling Confederacy, wise enough Lincoln did not stop there. On February 1st, 1865 president Lincoln approved the 13th amendment, which abolished the thriving Southern economic system, slavery. It was to be ratified by December 6th, 1865, Lincoln’s long-standing legacy paved the way for racial equality. Lincoln had been leaning towards granting voting rights to former slaves, he was therefore assassinated by John Wilkes Booth on April 14th, 1865. The assassin, Booth, was portrayed as a southern hero throughout the south, while as a murder in the North. Vice President Johnson assumed presidency but was quickly impeached because he believe “government was for the white man,” going against everything the Radical Republicans stood amendment, Lincoln passed the Emancipation Proclamation which freed any slave from the for. The Radical Republicans, therefore, had President Johnson impeached to avoid anyone getting in their way of helping the freedmen integrate into, a racist, American society. The Radical Republicans, now in charge of the government, promised “forty acres and a mule” to every freedmen family, alas that failed, they sought to empower freedmen as well as pave the way for racial equality.   The economy of the Antebellum South was a flourishing bull market, at least for the elite who owned massive plantations and solely relying on slave labor. After the passage of the 13th amendment, passed by Lincoln and the Radical Republicans, the South’s financial status had just been jeopardized, without slave labor plantation owners were forced to pay their workers. Radical Republicans then created the Freedmen’s Bureau, a government agency dedicated to aiding and protecting freedmen, or former slaves, promising “forty acres and a mule” in the hopes that the former slaves will rise economically, leading top their social and political rise. To prevent their economic downfall and collapse the Southern elite passed the Black Codes, a set of laws which economically disabled African Americans, designed to keep Black Americans living in poverty, working low paying jobs, controlling their everyday movements and labor. Although slavery had been abolished nationwide it was permitted as a punishment, a loophole the Southern elite used to their advantage. Southerners began arresting Black Americans for loitering and ridiculous crimes, holding rigged trials against them and ultimately outrageously punishing them. Once prisoners, Black Americans could legally be slaves, the South, therefore, initiated Convict Leasing, a type of slavery far worse than the latter, in which wealthy plantation owners could “lease” prisoners, from prisons, to be ,essentially, their slaves. Convicts who were leased did not receive payment, much like slaves, food, nor medical assistance, essentials slaves use to receive. The Southern elite was determined to maintain their economic structure, with the elite at the top, the middle class , and the lower class (including Blacking Americans), intact. As a direct result of the rigged trials, Convict Leasings, and Black Codes, the Radical Republicans amended the U.S Constitution, once again, adding the 14th amendment, which defines a citizen as “all persons born or naturalized” within the United States, granting the former slaves citizenship, with that came, theoretically, full legal protection and rights of the Constitution. Before the fourteenth amendment the former slaves were, technically, not citizens of the United States, and therefore not allowed to trial in court leading to the rigged trials, they were freed but not granted citizenship. The fourteenth amendment protects the freedmen’s property, life, and liberty, if any of the latter was taken from them a fair trial had to be held. To oppose the change and preserve the Southern Economic structures, the Southern elite