The States has pushed back any attempt that North

 The most recent International events that has pitted both the United States, and North Korea, are the back and forth announcements that are being made by the leaders of each country. Donald Trump has made it very obvious that he has a nuclear button on his desk, and that if he needs to explore the nuclear option, to put an end to the possible dangers North Korea keeps placing upon the world, he is not shy on giving it a try. This seems to be the same case with Kim Jong un, whos’ countries nuclear missile testing has put much of he world in danger, and isn’t worried about sending missiles to the US if he continues to get pressure. Both countries have very big, and advanced armies, which could do nuclear damage to the world with the touch of a button. From what I’ve come to understand about the situation, the United States has pushed back any attempt that North Korea has made to them, through deterrence, suggesting that whatever damage they might cause, will be much worse on their end if they go through with it. Now on the other hand the United States has not engaged in any activities which would suppress any of the threats made by North Korea, and has only approached the matter through deterrence, due to the fact that they do not want to upset the China, who is perhaps their greatest trading partner. China being a communist country, does not wish for the United States to cause any harm to the country of North Korea, since the do no wish to take on millions of refugees. This effectively cripples the United States, in favor of North Korea. So far, i believe that North Korea has come out on top, due to the fact that they are able to continue missile testing, putting many countries in danger. Not only has Hawaii, one of our States, been subject to evacuation warning due to missile testing (though later it was reported to be a false alarm), but also Japan, whom told their residents of the country that missile was on the way, (though was corrected 5 minutes later, to be a false alarm as well) keeping everyone on edge, and the country of North Korea grinning since other countries are in fear of the possible damage.