The South Vietnam lost to the North, and Vietnam

The Vietnam War was the longest war in American ever.
It was the most unpopular war of the 20th century. Almost 60,000 Americans died
and almost 2 million Vietnamese died. A lot of Americans still ask if the
American help in Vietnam was necessary, or just an effort to protect the South
Vietnamese from the government.

The U.S sent in many military advisors to support the
South’s Vietnamese government. The government in North Vietnamese and the Viet
Cong were fighting to get Vietnam together. In 1965, they got a new president (Lyndon
Johnson) and that’s when the war really started, he started to call inn air
strikes on North Vietnam and making ground forces rush in. In 1968 the “Tet
Offensive” by the North Vietnamese wanted to turn many Americans against the
war, and they succeeded eventually.

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Between 1945 and 1954, the Vietnamese started a war
against France, which received 2.6 billion dollars in support from the U.S.
Vietnam was split in two pieces, they were split in a South anti-Communist part
and a Communist North. In 1956, South Vietnam, with American helping them, didn’t
want to hold unification elections.

After some time they wanted the U.S soldiers to fall
back and give South Vietnam more responsibility for fighting the war. In 1970, they
wanted less of the Northern Vietnamese soldiers and supplies into South Vietnam
by sending American troops to destroy big areas with food and other necessary equipment
in Cambodia. This move made Cambodian neutral and the inhabitants didn’t

From 1968-1973, they did a lot of acts to end the
conflicts. In January 1973, an agreement were made. The U.S. forces were pulled
out of Vietnam, and U.S. prisoners who was captured were released. In 1975,
South Vietnam lost to the North, and Vietnam was reunited as one.

The War costed the United States 58,000 lives. It also
resulted in almost two million Vietnamese deaths. When the U.S soldiers left
Vietnam the North Vietnam used the last bit of power they had to push South
Vietnam and win the war.