The sites are ramping up their efforts to censor

            The Chinese
government are selling “verified” vpn’s to the country’s tech giants which are
still censored but allow companies to access more data than the average person,
although these vpn’s are still very expensive and with hundreds of new Chinese
based tech companies this will bring in a lot of money. Two of china’s leading
online media sites are ramping up their efforts to censor content, as the
countries fast-moving internet industry becomes under pressure by government
regulators. The internet giant Tencent and toutiao the countries largest news
supplier are both recruiting many monitors to patrol content, tencent the owner
of wechat the countries main messaging platform is hiring 120 “content
patrollers” to delete illegal material.

censorship in china is manly in place to prevent what people see (anything
against the government) this helps prevent fake news and propaganda against the
government. This method prevents “stray thoughts” against the government or
anything that they may deem harmful to their political or economic interests,
because of this the focus in work is a lot stronger as they are not troubled by
the news or media. “Anylists say the move is a result of the governments desire
to control public debate in the run up to a big reshuffle of power in the
ruling of the communist party this autum” this is from an article on the
financial times which suggests that the government is corrupt and want an
election or a debate to go “their Way”.

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 China although leading
in the IT race it has a very limited internet connection and the country
employs nearly 30,000 people to censor its internet. The country is now second
largest performer in terms of R and D expenditure and its investment growth
greatly exceeds the US and EU. Although its censorship does limit some
businesses from operating in the country. China has recently been “plugging the
final holes in its Great Firewall” cutting off two embassies’ and stopping
companies from using their own custom-built VPNs this does affect its economy
massively as companies are moving away from china due to its censorship rules. Does
this high security system also help the economy?