The purchasing stocks and bonds is a good way

The method that I chose
to buy these stocks were looking the stock symbols on google to figure out
which stocks would be beneficial to my portfolio. One of the stocks that I
bought was AAPL or Apple which was a reasonable stock to purchase due to the fact
that it was doing well during the holiday of Thanksgiving and the following day
which was Black Friday and got more than 10.27% of profit during the time
period. Number of shares were 1. The next stock that I purchased was APS and it
was doing good due to the fact that the profit was 5.52% and the number of
shares that I had were 6 for that stock. The next stock was GOOG which had a
good profit of 5.08% and the number of shares that I had were 2. The next stock
I had was GRMN which had a profit of 14.98% which might have been good with the
4 shares purchased. I chose HPQ because I saw that on the internet the number
of good stocks were listed and HPQ happened to be on the list of best stocks to
buy during that week of researching. The last and final stock that I purchased
was KR which was the best stock that I personally purchased out of all of them
because during Thanksgiving everyone was buying food and especially turkeys for
the dinner of the holiday and KR was doing well on those sales. I chose KR based
on personal thought because of the upcoming holidays. I would’ve chose my
stocks differently if I had researched all of the best stocks to buy during Q4
of 2017. I think purchasing stocks and bonds is a good way of saving up for
retirement because so that you don’t have to get daily senior citizen care and
checks only. The only other alternative that I can think of is just staying
home and just getting retirement checks and invest money from children (if
any). During the time that I owned the stocks I observed that if I find out
which stocks are doing great during the time that I purchase it’ll probably be
beneficial to my way of using stocks. After completing the stock market game I
learned that if I buy enough good stocks during the time that they are doing
great then I would probably not have to hesitate on whether or not I should buy
the stock or stocks for the rest of my future as being an adult. If I don’t
research the proper stocks for the benefit of my future then most likely I will
have trouble with economic life and not be able to be as successful as my own
human being.