The products sold on ASOS are designed in the

The marketing mix for this strategy is as follows; the price has to be low in order to be affordable to the target market of young adults, however as it is an online retailor there will be small charge of delivery applied. ASOS is not just an online shop for the latest high street look; it also sells designer brands such as Chloe, miss sixty, rock and republic, firetrap and many more. The products sold on ASOS are designed in the style of celebrity’s with approximately 4,000 new styles each week, therefore perfect for the up to date, fashion conscious being. ASOS has a wide range of clothes available for everyone, with up to 85,000 products in total. It adopts mainly a differentiated strategy within three types of segmentation strategies (differentiated, undifferentiated and concentrated strategy) so as to narrow down its target markets into subsets. For instance, Asos stocks petite, tall, plus size and maternity wear collections targeted at specific groups. Not only can you purchase the latest fashion trends, ASOS also have a monthly magazine, of a small cost, which talks about the latest trends and is great for helping you keep on top of next season’s outfits. Asos clothing also needs to have quality which will help them achieve growth as customers will be willing to purchase goods that will last longer. Moreover, as prices are low consumers may result in bulk buying which will lead to growth as there will be more products sold. is the UK’s largest independent online fashion and beauty retailer. Being an online only retailor is advantageous in comparison to its competitors as it has more flexibility with the opportunity to shop globally and gives consumers the chance to save time.  The company is market-orientated. By analysing what and when customers typically buy, it can target promotions at particular market segments. measures the effectiveness of promotion through Key Performance Indicators. ASOS also have social network for their customers such as face book, Bebo, Twitter. They also have a blog for their customers; where customers can add their comments and write their opinions about the products Having pop-up stores will promote Asos even more as it will make people more aware of the brand and will give them a chance to see the goods in real life and try them and then purchase it which can lead to repeat purchases for the future and spread of words to others therefore more sales would be made and the company would grow. Furthermore, Asos’s frequent discount offers which are advertised through their social media accounts attracts more consumers and brings the brand to their audience rather than waiting for their audience to come to them.