The people that i’m going to focus on is

The media has a big impact in the way that many people view things in their daily life. We now live in a society in which racial profiling is seen in everyday news and it’s something that a person of color will eventually go through. The specific group of people that i’m going to focus on is muslims, they are just one of the many minority groups that are misrepresented in the media and I will also be explaining on how the media uses ethos and pathos to misinform the audience. The media tends to use rhetorical strategies like ethos, pathos, and logos to catch people’s emotions by using current events, the media uses it to persuade and convince its audience to reel people into believing the negative things about Muslims and Islam. The media uses Ethos which is how ethical or moral the author or creator is, Pathos is an appeal to emotion it is a way of convincing the audience of an argument by creating an emotional response.    The media holds the power to show the world for what they want it to be, most people when they hear the words Muslim or Islam they don’t often think about the culture behind those words, they only bring to mind certain characteristics like saying that they are all bad people, or terrorist. An example of how the media uses Pathos is how the portrayal of Muslims in the media is superficial, inaccurate, and only focuses on violence. They have created an argument based on only a few peoples opinions and they have backed it up with words being said by people who have and show “credibility” towards the audience. There have been many other events like 9/11 and other recent terrorist attacks have caused many people of this society to have a different perspective on middle eastern people in general. The way that the media has been portraying Muslims has led up to bigger things like people becoming islamophobic which increases the negative actions and thoughts towards Muslims and Islam. We live in society in which many media platforms portray racial minorities with racist remarks and stereotypes it is hard for it to become internalized racism.         As the media coverage on Muslims seems to be growing, According to Mehdi Hasan to which she says “when a Muslim is involved in a terrorist act, media tend to give it much more coverage than such incidents involving non-Muslims.” (Steve Hartsoe and Forrest Norman) I have to agree with Mehdi Hasan because nowadays the media tends to not go more into depth with other cases that dont consist with Muslims or middle eastern people in general. The actions taken by our president has caused many people to take harsh actions towards Muslims and their religious practices and also towards their home country. An example of this would be the Muslim ban, as stated in The New York times “the ban reflected anxiety and anger amongst many voters that the federal government was not acting aggressively enough to protect them at home.(Patrick Healy and Michael Barbaro)”. The rhetorical strategy used there by Donald Trump was Pathos because he stated his argument as to why it would be a good idea to create a ban that would not allow citizens from seven Muslim countries to enter the United States for ninety days, he also suspended the United States refugee system for a total of one hundred and twenty days. He chose to use his media platform and the emotions of his audience to persuade them with his argument and his reasons to why it was the correct thing to do. The media uses rhetorical strategies like Ethos Pathos and Logos to persuade and convince people of the stories that they are portraying to the people. The media has a big influence on the way we see and do things. So many people have access to the media that it is only a matter a fact that we soon get consumed into the things said on television and online. The media has its way of portraying people in many different ways, but their opinions differ because of their access to many different sources and their personal opinions of course. The way that the media has portrayed Muslims throughout the years has been hard on them as people, they have have been mistreated by ordinary people that we see out in the streets, in stores. Social Media has the ability to give people a platform to which they can express themselves in many different ways. The media should focus on getting and giving the truth to their audiences instead of spreading false stories and rumours.