The paragraphs into various sections, revealing James Corbett by

literary techniques Amy DePaul uses in the article “Teacher Sued for Bashing
Christianity,” are dividing the paragraphs into various sections, revealing James
Corbett by other individuals, and making minor exaggerations.

            DePaul presents the story into
sections, which is not only organizing but also helps the readers stay
interested because the author progresses the story through unfolding it section
by section. The author presenting the story by sections is effective in this
case because the story focuses on one main idea in that paragraph, which helps
readers analyze the information and understand the author’s purpose of the

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            Just as characters are active in all
stories, so is James Corbett. However, DePaul describes who Corbett is mostly
through quotes from Corbett and other individuals. For instance, the author
includes several quotes from Taylor Ishii, one of Corbett’s former students,
which shows what kind of person Corbett is. By using quotes, readers are able
to understand the new ideas and information the author provides.

            Lastly, DePaul makes minor
exaggerations, which is shown when DePaul used the word “bashing” in the title
and also used the word “slam” when she mentions about Corbett making a comment
about Boy Scouts. The purpose of this was to connect with the readers in an
effective way by adding emotion rather than explaining in a straightforward

            Although DePaul’s story does not
have a climax or a definite ending, the techniques she uses helps the audience
to comprehend the story from beginning to end.