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The CEO of amazon is Jeff Bezos.Amazon launched the kindle in November was just an online book store in 1995.Amazon was the first successful e-commerce site. Since then amazon has grown into a global superstore.In 1995 the kindle was called an ebook.The CEO Jeff Bezos got the idea of the ebook from apple.The first thing amazon sold was a kindle because amazon was just an online book store unlike today.In 2010 amazon released the kindle fire unlike the kindle the fire lets people watch movies and other fun stuff.The CEO of amazon Jeff Bezos was born on January 12, 1954.The reason jeff started amazon is that he stumbled upon the fact that the internet usage was rising 2,300% a year so he made an online book store.Jeff researched 20 different business catalogs before deciding what to sellThe majority of amazon’s inventory came from ingram book group a company the cells larger quantities of books.”The key to success is getting people to trust the site”Within a year amazon was receiving 100 orders a yearBezos strategy was to ignore the competitors and focus on the customersBezos other strategy was to not the focus on the prophet but the focus on the growthIn 1996 amazon’s profit reached 15.7 million dollars( a 3,000% increase over its past yearThe value of in 1995 was 9 million dollarsThe staff works on desks made out of doors With in two years amazon was valued at $5 billion dollarsIn 1998 Jeff Bezos purchase the internet movie database (IMDb)Mext jeff decided to sell music Debuting in June 1998 offered 125,000 CDs ten times the number offered by traditional music stores. After music amazon started selling moviesWithin two months amazon became the largest seller of movies on the internetIn 1999 started selling toys, electronics, software, and video games.The company turned from a garage start up to a global empire Bezos was the person of the year in 1999 he at the age of 35 jeff was the fourth youngest person to get that had $2 billion dollars in debt and lost 720 million in 1999 but the stocks still climbed.The stocks were more than $300 a share In 2000 amazon bottomed out at $15 per stock shareIn 2001 amazon cut the costs more drastically by another work reduction 1,300 people 15% of the employeesThe cut of prices paid off in 2001 Right after they announced it the stocks rose 40%