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The main categories of costs exceed the number of workers and cost of training, as they ensure that their joiners can function as experts in their respective areas, the benefits are increasing initial costs. The two men handle the volume and make far better use of their existing resources. Organization orders will be a better chance of completed on time and the elimination of waste would allow good competition and increase business profit.Dean Hammond should sell cell work idea to the workers and Joinery Manager at the second stage, once they have worked properly and costed plan before the implementation of the project. This action would only affect some of the newcomers of joiners in the organization. Also, Dean Hammond should sell ideas because these changes were non-negotiableThe cell work will be different because the product manufacturing process will be changed. Transport all operation in space at the same department. The location of the equipment was also not specified. The change with the conversion to the cell manufacturing system. They will make training to the workers so that they can adapt to the cell operational.The work culture environment is important to encourage employees. This means that Dean should sell the idea to the workers because the cell manufacturing system will entail completely different work processes. Employees are the most important assets of an organization and should create the best possible working conditions designed to maximize employee satisfaction and increase productivity.Time is the first risk because long time will affect the work operation during the transition period. Also, employees will not accept to make the switch to new manufacturing changes. Costs of formal training and development programs that will have to be conducted in order to help the employees adapt to the new structure .increase number of the employee also associated to cost risk.