The order, receiving their order within seconds then Ray

The Founder

In 1954 Ray Kroc is travelling salesman selling a Prince Castle milkshake mixers. He is delivering a pitch and describe the importance of his product to the owner of the restaurant. After pitch is finished the owner rejected his pitch and then he travels to another city and delivers the same pitch but again the owner rejected him. After that Ray calls to the June who also works at the Prince Castle sales company and she tell him that California that just ordered six of his machines and he calls to the McDonalds they tell him that want to purchase eight machine.

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And on the other the salesman travels to the California and goes to McDonalds and he observes the environment that how people were buying their order, receiving their order within seconds then Ray (the salesman) introduce himself to the owner of McDonald’s that he was salesman who sold the milkshake machines After that ray visited the McDonalds kitchen and the owners they explains they were providing high quality food and fast service food and which are major purpose of this restaurant.

One day Ray (the salesman) go out to dinner with McDonald brothers and they told story of McDonald’s. Despite all these Ray suggests the brother that they franchise the restaurant but brothers denied and told him that they tried early and they didn’t get profit and He convinces the brothers and finally the brothers agreed but on one condition that before adapting any change or put any effort he will get written approval from brothers and Ray (the Salesman) agreed that condition.

Ray told his wife about the idea to franchise McDonald’s Hamburgers but she was in doubt as earlier. After that again he started to sell the multimixer machine noticed that to open a McDonald’s branch where there were churches as he drives through town. He came back to California and tell the brothers that all the towns he visits have churches so we should open a McDonald’s at there. Firstly Ray started to build a McDonald’s restaurant at a place and he encounters that poor management diminished the franchise effort. After that Ray hits on the idea of franchising to middle class investors this idea is become a successful one. And he opened the McDonald’s branch across mid-way. Again he get limited profit then Joan suggest him to sell powdered milkshake in order to reduce the cost but according to the contract brothers didn’t agreed upon it because it doesn’t provide the quality. But Ray refused them and he started to provide powdered milkshake to all his franchise. At the end Ray rename his company to the McDonald’s corporation and released from its contract buy the McDonalds. By facing all the difficulties and hurdles, He become a successful business man.

Ray Kroc believed that it was complete hard work, unrelenting perseverance that leads to the success. From this story I learned that the person who fails multiple time on multiple occasion it doesn’t mean he was unsuccessful. He or she can successful if he doesn’t get frustrated when the things go out the way you have planned and see every obstacle or change as an opportunity or as a challenge.

This story teaches us the most important that is persistence and the determination because nothing in the world can take place of persistence.