The my people-management skills in the process. Participating in

The Amnesty International has
just released a report than ranks Kenya, my country of domicile, top in Africa
in state-sponsored police brutality and extra-judicial killings. In the
neighbouring Uganda, reports abound of soldiers raiding parliament and brutally
dispersing legislators who are opposed to constitutional amendments aimed at
securing life presidency for the incumbent.  Internationally, marginalized
communities seem to be losing faith in the ability of the law to protect their
interest, leading to calls for cessation by at least 100 groups in 29
countries, according to the International
Politics expert, Gordon Bardos. Evidently,
constitutionalism is under siege and is in dire need of protection. Convinced
that constitutionalism remains mankind’s best option of avoiding a return to
full-blown barbarism as was witnessed in the Dark Ages, I have decided to
pursue a career in Law.

The prospect
of becoming part of the next generation of international lawyers excites me, so to get a
practical view of the legal profession, I spent
3 weeks at Kinyua Muyaa & Co Advocates, during which I took part in
sorting out files and preparing them for court. In one instance, I accompanied
one of the lawyers to court and was greatly impressed by the sheer decorum,
composure and courtesy he showed as he made his submissions. In the final week,
while preparing personal injury claims for a
client, we spent several hours researching on health-related topics, during
which I learnt that being a successful lawyer demands a multi-disciplinary
approach. Altogether, my 3-week stint at the law firm proved to be a major
eye-opener and a great boost to my career aspirations.

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Over the years, I have honed
my skills in a number of areas, leadership deserving a special mention. To
date, I have served as House Captain and Sixth Form Prefect, improving my
people-management skills in the process. Participating in the Model United Nations
(MUN) conferences has given me a keen insight into human rights issues around
the world and how legal mechanisms can be used to tackle them, heightening my
global perspective. I have also served as the president of the Interact Club,
which is a branch of the Rotary Club, mobilizing resources and extending a
helping hand to the less fortunate members of society. I am also able to communicate clearly and confidently before a large
audience, a skill which I attribute to my participation in several school
productions. My other accolades include Best Speaker at the MUN Conference 2017
and MUN Best Resolution Award for 3 consecutive years. I have also received a
Presidential Silver Award (equivalent of
the Duke of Edinburg’s Award) for showing responsible citizenship.

As a staunch believer in the necessity of the rule of law in
safeguarding the gains made by mankind, I am convinced that an LLB
qualification from a reputable UK university will equip me with the relevant
knowledge, skills and attitude needed to champion constitutionalism at both
local and international levels.