The my layout by placing boxes in a collage

The Global Positioning System (GPS) is a Navigation system that became available for public use by 2000. The GPS was designed in order to provide people with accurate information about their current location and position and provide navigation using signals sent by satellites. It can also be used to tell speed, used for tracking, give time information, and tell distance. GPS have many uses and are used in nearly every aspect of life today. (agrawal) My computational artifact shows the GPS’s purpose and function by showing pictures of what it can be used for like tracking, navigation, locating, and direction.  I created my computational artifact on a website called Venngage. First I created my layout by placing boxes in a collage arrangement. Then I found 5 images that showed different functions of the GPS and placed them in the boxes of my layout. I then cropped the pictures to make them fit better. I added 2 text boxes, 1 with the name of the computational innovation, and another describing the functions. My artifact was originally on Venngage so i used the snipping tool to crop my artifact out, pasted it on a word document, then saved it as a pdf.  With this incredible computational innovation comes many beneficial effects but also a few harmful effects. One of the beneficial effects of the GPS is its ability to help capture criminals and reduce crimes. The GPS has provided law enforcement with the ability to track and monitor vehicles and individuals suspected of committing crimes (Krow). Police officers and law enforcement agencies can attach a GPS to a vehicle or criminal and locate them at any given time which allows criminals to be captured quickly before they can cause anymore harm or damage. Police can capture someone before they commit the crime. This provides a huge benefit to society because criminals are punished and crimes are reduced which leads to a safer environment in society. Although the GPS is a great tool used in navigation and direction, many people have become too dependent and reliant on it. Peoples great dependence on the GPS has lead to many harmful effects. When used in navigation it causes people to follow the directions given by the GPS without thinking. This causes people to become unaware of their surroundings. There have been several instances of people following the GPS who ended up turning on railroad tracks and getting hit and injured because they were not paying attention to what was around them and simply doing what the GPS told them to do. The GPS is a great tool with many benefits but there are also harmful effects like overuse that people need to be aware of. The GPS can calculate any location as long as it is in range of at least 4 of the 24 navigation satellites flying in space. The satellites are used to send data signals to the GPS receiver. Once the GPS receiver receives these data signals the signals can then be used to calculate your exact location. The new produced data is your location which can then be used for many things such as navigation and tracking.  The GPS can be very helpful however it also raises some data security concerns. The GPS is a great tool when police or government officials need to track criminals and find their exact location however this means the US government can track your location at any time (Serwer). Because most people use GPS on their phone for navigation and cell phones store everything going, including the GPS information which tells their location, the government can easily access this information which tells where they are and where they are going because the government has access to all phone services.