The most were, At&t, Ebay and Sprint. When I

The stocks I purchased include; Apple Inc,  American Express Company, CBS Corporation, Campbell Soup Company, ENI, Ebay Inc, The Gap Inc, Intel Corporation (INTC), Loews Corporation, Lowe’s Companies Inc, Macy’s Inc, Manchester United Ltd, Mcdonalds, Sprint, Sears, AT&T, Grupo Televisa S.A. ,Twitter, UPS, Wendy’s, Walmart and lastly The United States Steel Corporation. Moreover, I chose an industry/company that I was most familiar with. Also by observing a company’s/ industries performance meaning I gravitated more towards companies that had a higher profit percentage and a lower loss percentage.    In addition, I did 10 to 50 shares on Ebay, CPB, Intel corporation, Loews, Macy’s  Lowe’s  and Walmart  since they were the top companies making the most money at the time.  I did the least shares (1-9) on CBS, Sears, Wendy’s and Twitter because they weren’t performing as well at the time.The Manchester United Ltd was on of the few companies that  had high  profits and value. The profit increased to 137.50% since I first purchased it.The second highest was The United States Steel Corporation which went up in profit by 122.40%. The companies  that failed me the most were, At&t, Ebay and Sprint. When I purchased these three stocks they were performing great but as time passed their numbers began to decrease. When I purchased At&T and Sprint the Iphone X and Iphone 8 had just launched which is why these two companies were performing so well. Though, after a couple of months the numbers began to decrease. I began to notice that companies  don’t always perform the same throughout the year. They perform differently as times passes, for example, a certain company may make more money during the summer than they do in the winter. Depending on the products they sell or the type of service they provide. As time passes a company may perform outstanding bringing in money to their business or either loss a substantial amount which can lead to consequences like closing down the business.In the future before purchasing a stock I will definitely look at the company’s history first in order to determine whether the company will continue to make money in the future or not. I will no longer only choose companies that I personally prefer. The vast majority of the companies that I chose were the ones that I relied on the most and the ones I was more familiar with, yet they were the ones that decreased the most over time.Although purchasing stocks and bonds can lead to additional money in the future, it’s still not the only method  to make extra money. For example, low-cost investments, boosting savings and small business investments can help gather a sufficient amount for retirement.The stock market game has taught me that stocks do well when the economy is booming. The more consumers buy leads to companies receiving higher earning because of higher demand. Once the economy slows down, consumers buy less which means corporate profits fall and stock prices decline. When purchasing a bond I realize that i’m also taking a share of the ownership of the company. Its value depends on corporate earnings. I also realize that the stock’s value also changes daily.  All depending on trader’s estimates of future earnings compared to competing companies.