The most of the earliest books dealt with religious

The Printing Press”What gunpowder did for war the printing press has done for the mind”-Wendell Phillips. The printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenberg in 1440. The printing press made information available to a much larger segment of the population.The printing press allowed literature to spread throughout the world, enable thinkers to share ideas, and created significant cultural and religious transformations throughout Europe.Without the printing press religion would not be where it is today. The printing press’s first book to be printed was the bible and it also helped spread the words of scriptures and readings throughout the world. When the printing press created a large production of the bible it began religious transformation and new interpretations of religion. The printing press unveiled new ideas of religion and gave people a better understanding of religion. The printing press created a mass production of bibles for people around the world People with great minds began to spread their knowledge among others with the printing press. Books became more available to the public and introduced new ideas to the world.With the invention of the printing press, scientists were able to share and exchange information. For example, during the scientific enlightenment scientist like Francis Bacon who challenged many scientific theories used the printing press as a major tool for publishing books about hi work. People with high achievements began to spread their knowledge and own ideas. The printing press aided authors words and ideas and gave their knowledge to people around the world.The printing press has allowed literature to spread throughout the world.Before the printing press only the wealthy could buy handwritten books.When the printing press was invented it allowed literature to all classes of people. People began to spread and share their own ideas. Throughout time the printing press has enabled all people to gain new knowledge and allowed people to easily share knowledge. The printing press helped spread new ideas quickly. It introduced literacy to people and eventually came to have a lasting impact on their lives. Although most of the earliest books dealt with religious subjects, but grew to other fields such as, literature and science. The printing press was a revolutionary invention for the spread of knowledge.