The market. My specific target market is independent fashion

following report introduces a new business opportunity, providing insight and
detailed explanations of the chosen opportunity such as the target market,
pricing, and the process for provision of service. The chosen service will be a
fashion marketing consulting firm for independent fashion brands. The main
objective is to help these brands create and or better a professional and
innovative marketing action plan. A brand might have great vision, talent and
creative ideas but are lacking a solid marketing plan, we can provide guidance
on how to get people to engage with your brand and eventually become regular
customers. Not only will we provide services for online engagement but offline
as well hoping to grow interest around your brand.


1. Describe the product or service.     

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The business I am going to execute is a fashion
marketing consulting firm. We will target independent fashion
brands looking to create and or better a professional and innovative
marketing action plan. This business is focused on not only helping you market
your brand online but offline as well. What we aim to do is increase engagement
and interest between your customers and your brand while creating excitement
around who you are and what you do. As a business we understand that sometimes
all a brand needs is an objective 3rd party that will give them
specific advice and tell them what they need to hear and we are here to provide
that. Our goal is to encourage you to always strive for the best and to keep your
brand in excellent
condition. We aim to provide you with useful and truthful strategies that you
will be able to continue executing yourself.



2.  Describe the target market.

            My specific target
market is independent fashion brands located in the United States who demand a
level of personal service and personalized consulting. We aim to serve fashion
companies looking for brand specific help such as one on one marketing
help, relevant feedback, and ideas tailored to their label. As well as brands
who want to grow in a sustainable and scalable way both online and
offline. These fashion brands can be located anywhere in the United States. The
sessions will initially be conducted via Skype; if further consulting is needed
we will the schedule a meeting and travel to whichever city the company is

3. Describe the pricing.


            Before each session, we will go over
your website, social media accounts and any other accounts that pertain to your
brand in order to get a sense of what we will be working with. We’ll then get
in touch in order to schedule a Skype conference at a time that’s convenient
for you and your company. Each Skype call ranges from forty-five minutes to two
hours depending on the topics that need to be reviewed and discussed. Topics
that will most likely be covered will be your company’s main long term and short-term
goals, your target market, your online brand awareness, and your web traffic.

We will then provide you with our feedback and discuss the changes and
improvements that will need to be made based on what your company needs; always
taking your budget into consideration. After our session, we will send you a
detailed report tailored to your brand that will contain your new marketing
strategy, detailed explanations of the changes we discussed. The session’s
starting price for a forty-five minute session is $150, for a one-hour session
the price is $200 and for a two-hour session the price is $300 dollars. If the
customer wants and or requires further consultation in the city of their
choice, the price will be decided accordingly. 


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