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The main reason why alcohol is not illegal is that the government does not decide whether or not certain drugs should be banned or not based on their potential harm. Practically speaking, making alcohol illegal is unattainable. This was seen back in the 1920s and 30s when the U.S prohibited all alcoholic drinks. They tried to ban it but it clearly didn’t work out as they expected. Alcohol obviously does present great potential for harm: individually through the detrimental health effects of abuse, and societally through the impact of impaired decision making, most notably drunk driving. Regardless, alcohol has provides some “benefits” which may drive people to keep on consuming it i.e. making people more confident, outgoing, etc. but at the same time there’s people that don’t partake in it at all. A lot of people use it without any problems, and some people end up developing problems. Alcohol is used as a traditional component of celebrations in many cultures i.e. the catholic church. Another thing is that alcohol is very common & well-known. It seems far less scary than other drugs. Something that you’re familiar with, will never feel like a threat, for the most part. Drugs, on the other hand, not a lot of people have tried. Yeah some people might’ve experimented but it’s not something that they continued to pursue. Since drugs aren’t part of people most people’s lives, they may seem scary and intimidating. This makes it easier for people to say and think that drugs should be banned. This  is especially the case when the drugs in question are generally used by people you don’t identify with.  Drug laws aren’t about logical analysis of harm vs benefits. They’re basically about what the people making the drug policies see and don’t see as a “threat”. Alcohol is common and familiar, therefore  people will tend to ignore, minimize or rationalize the damage it does. We, as a society, are comfortable with alcohol in a way that we’re almost universally not with other drugs. And that’s the only reason why it’s treated differently.


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