The is the input image, Y and Y1 are

retinal vessel segmentation techinique using a deep learning. We require image
of retina. To automatically detect the diabetic retinopathy on given image. The
blood vessel  are been identified and we
use an RGB color .using deep learning we can able to detect proliferative and
exudates can be detected We have build a ANN to identify the region of blood
vessel automatically we use a retinal images to test and identify the diabetic
retinopathy. There are been 200 images for training and 40 images for testing.

Input diabetic retinopathy images
from the database. Apply image pre-processing technique such as a filtering and
morphological function. Train the database with support vector machine. Analyze
the diabetic retinopathy severity. We apply a Gaussian filter were dilation and
erosion for gray scale images

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? Y = X1(a, b) = sup i,j?y
(X(a ? i, b ? j) + Y(i, j))


? Y = X2(a, b) = inf i,j?y1
(X(a ? i, b ? j) + Y1(i, j))


X is the input image, Y and Y1 are the structuring elements or masks used for
dilation and erosion respectively. y and y1 are grids over which the
structuring elements are defined.

true colour image RGB is then converted to grayscale image by removing hue and
saturation Apply the Gaussian filter to remove the noise . After training the
neural networks by using classification or regression technique. Back
propagation is used to update the weight .The learning capacity is an important
parameter which use to identify the performance of the system N is the nodes
and c is a learning capacity and h is the number of hidden nodes

   < C <                                                                                                 The output layer will be a single neuron. The retinal blood vessel is detected and segmented image are identified and obtained. The back propagation algorithm are been used and used to pdate the as the training goes on. During back propagation of errors, each output unit compares its calculated activation with its target value The neural network based with back propagation is used. An efficient classification of pixel based approach is been made Automatic detect and segmentation of blood vessel from retinal images. The proposed method technique allows analyzing more images and characterizing many more propertie