The information is getting more and more important day

The information is getting more and more important day by day. People have shared various information from long time ago by speaking, listening, writing, and reading. We can know each culture,tradition, and language by sharing information together. That helps our life to improve more conveniently. Also, most people tend to get information by reading. We started to learn reading faster than learning writing. Actually, most preschools are  especially reading picture books to children.There are a lot of reading media in the world. For example,there are books, newspapers, and magazines. The main reading media is book. Books enable us to talk about important things such as history with new generations. By making record on the books, people chained their long long history. Despite, we can easily get them as we can buy them at supermarket and bookstore or we can borrow them from the library. In addition, there are two types of book; printed books and e-books. E-books are popular device recently. Also, popularization of tablet has helped e-books to become famous. On the other hand, printed books are still popular in the world. However,  it is essential printed book to replace for online and e-books because it is more convenient than printed books, it is more economical, and it is good for environment.Before moving to the body, let us talk about history of e-books. Michael Hart produced first source of e-books at 1970s then e-books was called Project Gutenberg.  The Project Gutenberg, named from Johannes Gutenberg who is called father of publishing, is volunteer project to digitize all of book whose copy light was already ended to do e-publishing.   According to Ebook timeline “Hart saw e-publishing as a utopian, democratic tool for the education of the greatest number of people possible”(1).  Hart was one of college students of Illinoi University. Fortunately, he could get accessibility to a mainframe computer “Xerox Sigme V” in the university’s lab. He believed that one day, people use computers usually in the future so he decided to enable people to read books as digital form for free. Then, he had a book of  United States Declaration of Independence in his backpack because of that the book was used to copy as first digital publishment. As a result, the first source of e-books were developed as an electronic public library of 1000 books by Michael Hart.  20 years later, John Galuskza developed a program of e-book display that is called PC book. It enable people to read e-books with computer. In 1993, The website which sell e-books over the internet was launched by Biblio Bytes. Then people started buying e-books as digital products. After that, Nuro Media released the first device for e-books. The device was named rocket which allowed users to download e-book from PC in 1998. About 9 years later, Amazon released Kindle which is most famous device as e-reader. It is said that first Kindle was bought while just 5 hours. That means people was really waiting for long time to use e-books with new format.       E-books enable us to maximize our space. E-books are so handy and easy to bring anywhere. These have several types of devices such as personal computer, tablet type computer,and mainly smartphone. It is said that one tablet can contain at least 1000 books . People can bring the books that are compact and light and read them wherever people want to even if there is no Wi-Fi. On the situation that we travel anywhere, we used to give  up bringing all of our books. We had to pick up some books  from the shelf,and even if it  was just one book, that is a little bit heavy to bring while travelling. Conversely, if we use e-book, we can travel with our shelf. In general, comics are always series of story. “One Piece,” that is famous comic in Japan, already has volume 88. There is “Kotikame” which is enrolled as ” Most volumes published for a single manga series” by the Guinness World Records on September 12,2016 with 200 volumes. It might be so helpful for big comic fan to read them while travelling.          However, it has some weak points. For instance, people can not share the e-books with friends. Sharing is one of the real pleasure of printed book. If people finish to read the books that was so interesting, they tend to want to share the story for someone else. Then, the books will become more valuable than before people purchased it. On the other hand,e-books are originally created to read by one person so people are not allowed to borrow from each other. In the light of travelling, we have to bring charger for devices. As if we just need only tablet to read e-book, but honestly we have bring any tools for tablets.             Nevertheless, people can lend the tablet to friends. It seems like we can not share the books but there are a lot of free books and we can share the books by giving tablet. Actually, Amazon company already adopt a system to lend the books. According to Amazon, “You can lend a Kindle book to another reader for up to 14 days. The borrower does not need to own a Fire tablet or Kindle e-reader and can read the book after downloading a free Kindle reading app.”(“Lend or Borrow Kindle Books”1) The rules are limited but we can lend just specific books and friends can read them while two weeks each books.   We are allowed to lend one book at once then we can’t read the books while people borrow. Still, the e-book can be said that it is easier and more handy to bring than printed book.       Also,it is easier to buy e-books than printed books because we do not have to go to bookstore. As you can see, we have to go bookstore or library to find any books. Sometimes, it is such a hassle because people need to drive a car, find the shop and ask worker about the book. The book what you want to read is is not always there,then we have to drive a car for just one book again. Also, if we want to read professional books, it is hard to find at bookstore or even campus library. It is rare case that supermarket stock up professional books. In contrast, we can buy e-books at our home. It is so easy to find the books because they inform us about recommended books which same book’s readers read. When you finish volume 1 of one comic, you can easily find next volume. Most e-bookstores stock up even professional books nowadays. We can buy books at one click and if we finish the books, we just will need to uninstall the books. In addition, e-books are a little bit cheaper than printed books. Publishing companies don’t need to print the books, that’s why. There are many free e-books,and readers can enjoy it even if they were interested in. Comprehensively, buying ebooks will be able to be said easier than buying printed books.            However, printed book’s fan will be not satisfied with e-books since the sense of books is completely different. For example, there are some people who treat their books like collection then they will feel less satisfaction with e-books.Book collectors will say they are enjoying to find books at bookstore even if it is such a hassle. According to Greg Krehbiel,” Browsing a bookstore or library is a way better experience than browsing any online equivalent.” (“Why print books are better than ebooks, and ways to improve eReaders”2) Also, e-books might have less sense of accomplishment than real books when readers finished reading. According to Maia Szalavitz, ” it may be that physical books are best when you want to study complex ideas and concepts that you wish to integrate deeply into your memory.”(“Do E-Books Make It Harder to Remember What You Just Read?”5) That means printed books are better to memorise something than e-books. Most people probably will argue about this disadvantages when they talk about e-books.          However, you can notice how many pages you already read from the bottom of the screen. Most e-books have the page bar which inform us percentage of pages. If you can get used to recognizing the bar, you can feel accomplishment more before you did not know. Also, many people will agree with how convenient to find e-books is more important than how satisfaction the book collector will get. Majority of e-book readers will prioritize the benefit.        Additionally, people prefer e-books because of a lot of function. Sometimes, we mention difficult word what we do not understand and do not know even professional of that field but we can use electronic dictionary or Google quickly. Meanwhile, we can zoom and contract the letters. It can help for people who have bad eyesight such as elderly people. Also, we can easily bookmark the page. Furthermore,it is so useful because it has a possibility to connect other contents such as audio books and movies about the story.  For instance, most of e-book devices includes some function especially,TTS(Speech generating device ). TTS is included a lot of e-book’s devices,and it is said good for language learner. English learners can learn true accents, true pronunciations and intonations from TTS. According to Read Speaker ” text to speech technology allows them to take in the information in a way they are more comfortable with, making your content easier to comprehend and retain.” (“The Benefits of Text to Speech”) Actually, many English language school recommend to use e-book’s audio as listening practice. Also, it is for not only language learner,but also blind people.            Nevertheless,in the first place, people have to know about how to treat devices. For elderly people, it is not easy to use the machines. According to Aaron smith “A significant majority of older adults say they need assistance when it comes to using new digital devices. Just 18% would feel comfortable learning to use a new technology device such as a smartphone or tablet on their own” (“Older Adults and Technology Use”6) That means it looks simple and easy to use it, but the tablets is unexpectedly confusing.               However, people can understand how to treat devices with guides of them. There are many easy instruction manuals nowadays. If people can not understand, despite using it, they can call customer center. It is good to be taught by family member who is good at mechanic. It is going to be good to spend that time with their families. Secondly, e-books will adopt us more economical benefit than printed books. It is said that readers increase due to the e-books. It is result of that most people feel e-books are convenient. According to Andrew Perrin, ” The share of e-book readers on tablets has more than tripled since 2011 and the number of readers on phones has more than doubled over that time, while the share reading on e-book reading devices has not changed.” (“Book Reading 2016″2) It can be expected people will use e-books more and more. Also, that means more buyer of devices. In general, almost all people spend the time to use internet. If you get on the train, you can see a bunch of people using smartphone. Let’s focus on the diplomacy point. We don’t need to import books to other country. Foreign readers don’t have to wait for the books to come overseas anymore. They just have to download them. It can be expected to make more and more benefit. Moreover, not only for diplomacy but also everyone can publish the books easily. If one author wants to release the book, he has to reach the dream step by step. Writers have to bring the story after that they must be permitted by the publish company. The permission is a little bit cruel and sometimes the story will be fixed to another expression that writer didn’t mean because of political reasons. However, e-books can give opportunities to debut for talented writers. In the fact, some author  can succeed in publishing printed books after they became famous from e-book website. Then the publishing industry will be more excited.           Likewise, it is also economical with publisher. There are three main reasons; they don’t need to worry about being out of stock, they can save costs of transporting and displaying, and they can add advertisement. As we can understand, books are made with paper but e-books are just information about the books on the internet so they just need to make its program. They can sell it almost forever. Also, the advertisement will help to minimize the price of each books. It enables company to let customer move to shopping website to see new products then it is going to be more beneficial income.           On the other hand, it still include some risks; there is risk to be copied by illegal way, user can not sell their items as used books, bookstores will lose their role, some people feel irritated about the pop advertisement, and the authors may change the story for getting more money from advertise company. There are some illegal website to introduce dummy e-books. Copying from originally story is called  Electronic piracy. It is one of the biggest cyber crimes occurring today. It involves the illegal obtaining of electronic media such as movies, music, and E-books. Unfortunately, particular users still use that website. According to Wikispaces, “9 million E-books were illegally uploaded, shared, or downloaded. This amount of downloaded E-books calculated an estimated $3 billion dollar loss to E-book publishing companies. Publishers are concerned when it comes to E-book piracy and are seeking solutions to this problem” (“How does Copyright Law apply to E-Books” 4). It is hard to find all of illegal website and supervise them because they are countless. Selling used books is one of advantages of printed books. They can buy interesting books at cheap price and it is eco. If the bookstores are closed, many people will complain it because printed books are still more popular than e-books and labor of bookstores will lose their job. It has possibilities to be serious issue.               However, copyright act is being stricter day by days. Also, it can stop to shoplift at the bookstores and people can delete advertise with software. Furthermore, making story for advertisement company can be thought with good result. For example, author will be allowed to use name of the product. If they use the name among the story, the readers can feel like  real book and it will be enjoyable.     Finally, e-books are so good for environment. As I said above,we do not use any paper and ink to produce e-books. It is so good for saving wood and waters. Our earth is facing global warming that will melt all of the ice on the earth, make less resources such as oil and wood and iron. The cutting tree is a moment but growing tree takes for long time. We should care about the global warming more. Then e-books will help to resolve the problem and we do not need to recycle the books. Moreover, using e-books is suitable for us to minimize deterioration and damage. Generally, books are made from fragile paper. These have thin paper and it is easily split and get dirty. Papers can not put up with damage from light, heat, wet, and mold. If the papers are damaged, it is hard to fix it completely. On the other hand, e-books will never be split and be dirty. We can read all ebooks even beautiful color pages as long as possible and we do not produce any paper garbage.  According to EPA, american people produce at least 370000 ton of CO2 per year to make paper so ebooks enable us to reduce CO2. Papers which are used for printing books is just part of them, but it is so helpful for environment. That means if people switch the printed books to e-books, we can decrease garbage from the paper.             However, some people say they like the texture of books. They like the smell of the ink and atmosphere. Also, it is not suitable for scanning. The action of turning over the pages is different between printed books to e-books.According to Nancy michel “You know how it’s really, really hard to read ahead on an e-reader? Well, it’s also really hard to start skimming if the book you’re reading gets unexpectedly terrible but you still want to know how it ends.” (“E-Readers vs. Book Books: A Book Lover Weighs the Pros and Cons”6) Some people have speed reading skills that is really convenient when they need to scan a lot of information in the moment, but they can’t demonstrate with e-books. Some people use newspaper for cleaning windows. They let newspaper get wet and the ink of the newspaper is good for washing window. Also, we must not forget that we have the risk of tablet. Tablet seems be tougher than papers but it is computer in fact. If we drop the tablet, the screen will be broken or the brain of tablet will be broken. Then it is going to be difficult to access to read books. Then we will produce any garbage and CO2 as well. Tablets are made of rera metal, liquid cylistal, and some plastic. In the first place, smartphones are assumed to be bought by customer again and again. Smartphone maker already produced 70,000,000,00 devices.          However, we can decrease to make smartphones by buying second handed devices and  restart with new tablet or substitution. Actually, there are many devices to read e-book like computer, smartphone, tablet type-computer,and digital audio player.We reach from website and just enter the password and log in. We just have to download again the books. Also, some e-books try to imitate the texture of real books such as sound of when reader turn over the pages and texture of the paper. if the technology will be improved, they will enable us to demonstrate scanning. Quality of e-books will be developed more and more. According to Ethan Bronner, ” Even if not many young people seem ready to curl up with a hand-held screen for reading a novel, the idea of reading textbook or reference material from screens is increasingly common.” (“For More Textbooks, a Shift From Printed Page to Screen”) It is not so long to read virtual books as real books thanks to development of technology then books collector might be satisfied. They will use e-books as well as printed books in the future. In addition, even if we break the tablets, we can repair them. Engineers can fix it in a few moment and we can restart to use them as usual again. It is said rare metal is recycled now so the smartphone that you use may be already recycled from that old smartphone. As a result, the printed books should replace to e-book so that it will be more convenient, economical and good for environment. We can save our time and power to find the book,and also anybody can understand more deeply by using functions. We will be able to decrease the stress from the using books.  Even 1000 books, we can bring everywhere we want. It means unlimited shelf. If somebody does not like to read the story, e-books may change his mind to positive way. Also, e-books will influence to economic point around the world. User will increase then connected company can gain the money, after that the money will use for improving  any technology. Also, If we can reduce any environmental problems, our earth will be clean and natural resources will return. We can predict the future like we have a lot of new technologies and natural ingredients.          Also, these benefits will help our next generations. For example, E-books can be used for educations. Childrens can use e-books as textbooks and they do not have to bring any heavy dictionaries. Also they can read any types of  ebook even if they have only few space to keep their books. Because of that reasons, children will like to read the books. Then reading will work to help children’s brain to raise more expectedly. According to Catherine Pearson, “children from more stimulating home reading environments had greater activity in the parts of the brain that help with narrative comprehension and visual imagery.” (“Science Proves Reading To Kids Really Does Change Their Brains”3) That proves, early reading  have an impact on the parts of the brain that are fundamental for developing literacy early on. Also,more children who like to read will help future economics.  According to Miriam Wasserman, “The Stanford-led team conducted a randomized control trial of a literacy intervention in Rwanda to determine whether programs aimed at families and communities had an impact on children’s reading –above and beyond– the traditional approach of training teachers.” (“Stanford study suggests way to improve early reading in developing countries”1)Stanford university already started to demonstrate the experiment to research in the developing country. E-books can save environment for childrens.  From these reasons, e-books have many possibilities for childrens.  From these reason and possibility, printed books should replace to e-books.