The increase on the density of cars, the government

The Philippines has been suffering from poor traffic management for a very long time. Coming from the lack of proper infrastructures such as highways and roads to the lack of proper implementation of laws and ordinances. All of this have stacked up and made the unsolvable problem of traffic in the Philippines. Despite the continuous effort of several government offices like Land Transportation Office (LTO), Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA), and Philippine National Police Highway Patrol Group (PNP-HGP), the traffic in the Philippines remains unsolved and keeps affecting Filipinos.


An article in Philstar stated 3 causes of traffic in the Philippines. These causes are (1) Uncontrolled Volumes, (2) Failure to management on limited spaces, and (3) Failure to proper time management. As many people say “The population of cars grow but roads don’t”, during the past few years, prices to be able to get a car have been decreasing, resulting to more people buying cars for self-service. The huge increase of the density of cars caused traffic especially on the national highways which are often used by all kinds of vehicles. However, despite the huge increase on the density of cars, the government fails to create new roads to make space for the growing number of cars. Throughout the years, we have always seen illegally parked vehicles on a very narrow road or a jeep stopping on the middle of the road to drop a passenger. Failure to enforce laws on these illegally parked vehicles causes traffic as it can take up space which was originally meant for moving cars. Lastly, companies have a common time on dismissing their employees, resulting to congestion or as we call it “rush hour”. In these hours, employees from different companies may be going home as fast as possible and as a result, they congest and create traffic as it bursts the density of the vehicles passing by.

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According to research, traffic affects 8 out 10 Filipinos daily, this results to reduced efficiency of each individual during their working hours. Filipinos suffer from traffic every day and it also leaves them with a decreased performance during working hours, lack in time management, and overall fatigue. As Metro Manila is the business capital of the Philippines, this is very dreadful because it can decrease efficiency and productivity for the company itself. Furthermore, decrease in efficiency and productivity for a company is big thing since it affects their overall income.


Traffic in the Philippines may look unsolvable. However, everything should have a start. Traffic may have solutions such as proper implementation of policies, disciplined drivers, and continuous laws and bills for traffic management. Slowly but surely, we may actually solve this “unsolvable” problem of traffic in the Philippines. It may seem hard because change is really hard, many avoid it and many does not like it, but our world is changing and we should keep up to this change. For every problem, there is a solution because if there is no solution then it is not a problem.