The in Structural Engineering at KTH University. My interest

beauty in Structural Engineering is in applying logical theories to designs. One
of these designs that I have never been able to truly wrap my head around and
completely amazed me is The Three Gorges Dam located in Yiling District, China.
This magnificent piece of Art is a great example portraying the greatness of
structural engineering, it’s like 2335m in length of concrete wonder holding 39.3
km3 of water, powering 9 Chinese provinces and 2 cities, and moreover it’s
found that it slows down the earth rotation by 0.06 microseconds!! It is one of
the many things that drove me to pursue a degree in engineering, and to work at
various Structural Engineering projects throughout my time at university and
eventually motived my application for a master degree in Structural Engineering
at KTH University.

interest in civil engineering was developed at a young age. My grandfather’s
career in this field has really inspired me and drove my interest in civil
engineering. Due to my father work nature he was always outside Sudan, so I was
raised by my grandfather, whom was a contractor, he taught me to be curious and
ask to learn more. Thus, I have always had an interest in how things work and
since then I enjoyed the challenge of using scientific and mathematical
concepts to solve everyday problems. Since my childhood I have acquired deep passion
to learn, every time something amazing popped up I went astray – there was
always something to reel me back in so with this continuous attraction that led
me to undertake an undergraduate program in Civil Engineering. On the third grade at primary school, sadly my grandfather passed
away, he was a role model to me, and so I felt sad and lonely. Also my family
decided to move Bahrain I lost both my grandfather and my friends and what make
it worse on top of that the Bahraini society racism, that unfortunately effected
on both my academics and psychology, but I realized that who I am and I have
nothing to be ashamed of . So I stood up for myself and decided that I will make
them recognize me as equal. So I study effortlessly that even my teachers were
impressed about my academic improvement and at the end of that year I ended up
with the highest score that made other children start to change their mentality
towards me. I kept my academic record high until I came back to Sudan for my
undergraduate study. With all the passion that I have for civil engineering as
that it address challenges by applying scientific theories to practice, I had no
doubts that I will attend a civil engineering program.

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I completed my
undergraduate studies in the Civil Engineering program, one of the most
competitive programs at the top university in Sudan – University of Khartoum (UOFK),
during this time I was able to greatly nurture and develop a concrete
theoretical base of civil engineering concepts. In my second year I was chosen to
participate in the biggest engineering event which is the engineering week, I
was a leader of a 7 people group, I was excited because it was an opportunity to
challenge myself, despite the fact it was hard to lead at the beginning but our
collaboration and hard work paid off and the head of the department was impress
by our work, and our project won the pest project in the creativity day, this
experience showed me the importance of participatory leadership and ensuring
you understand your team and its needs. I always felt the importance of voluntary
work so in my first year I volunteered to be foreign affairs secretary who facilitate and organize the
social and academic events in our class I re-elected for that potion for 3 year
in a raw, I was also involved in the engineer week 16 as organizer. My passion
for Structural engineering led me to choose my graduation project in this field
entitled “Aerodynamics Forces on Bridges “. In this project me
and my project partners worked to analyse and study the wind effect on bridges
especially in an environment like Sudan because we missing such researches in Sudan. The
aim of this research was to experimentally measure
aerodynamic wind-load coefficient (drag) for common superstructure, Wind tunnel tests were used on
reduced-scale model. the
forces on the superstructure model were obtained by measuring the pressure
distribution around the model using a custom manometer which used to investigate
the bluff body fluid mechanics phenomena associated with flow around bridges.
The results are presented as drag and lift
coefficients values and relations that would provide the basis for more
accurate estimates of design forces. From the data sets, a series of design charts
and tables are developed and a methodology for the calculation of forces
centroid, their magnitudes and the moments is presented. General agreement in
the drag coefficient (CD) was obtained between the measuring methods indicating
that the results are reproducible and can be used with confidence.  It was hard to implement and conduct the
laboratory experiments, but our work paid off eventually when our research project
was awarded a high Distinction and won the best projects prize not only in the
civil engineering department but in the whole faculty of engineering.

The trust and confidence reposed in me by the teaching faulty were
evident when they offered to join the staff at my department as a Teaching Assistant. I believe in
the power of knowledge sharing and the experience of imparting knowledge is an
enjoying and satisfactory. I have enjoyed sharing ideas, giving lectures,
conducting laboratory sessions and making presentations on
technical/non-technical topics in my department. My
responsibilities included preparing and conducting of tutorials and laboratory
sessions as well as cooperation and assistance in carrying out function
relating to educational responsibility such as faculty examination including invigilation
and evaluation. Also I was appointed by the head of my department as a Teaching
Assistants coordinator, I was in charge of coordinate and organize teaching
assistant work schedule and load in the department. Beside my job at the
university, I’m working as a civil engineer at renowned consultancy firms in
Sudan, my responsible
for working closely with the end client on various construction and civil
engineering programmes, creating detailed plans, monitoring/updating progress,
critical path analysis, earned value analysis, etc. The
practical skills and leadership qualities that I have acquired during these
experiences equipped me with a great amount of acquaintance, time management,
communication and team-work skills and other required skills to excel at KTH.

The graduate study program at KTH will be a continuation of my
undergraduate studies as that I discovered that my desire and abilities are
well suited for a research environment, where I will be able to conduct an independent
research in the field of my interest – structure engineering.  I am
looking for a supportive environment, in which I can learn and enhance my
knowledge in structural engineering and the master program at KTH will equip me with required academic
and practical experience so I can contribute in major
researches with significant societal impact and fulfil my career endeavours and
future goals which are working to find innovative solutions to Structural
Engineering challenges and it’s changing needs. I believe my graduate studies
at KTH will help me to fill in the gap between the local and international
standards in Sudan as that I will be working with a profound, world-class
professor like … that will allow me to take the structural engineering in Sudan
to a whole new level and provide me with opportunity to improve the curriculum
in Sudan.

I’m especially interested in KTH, because of its graduate Program
in Civil Engineering that fits my needs impeccably. since it provides a unique combination
of educational advantages. It is one of the most vigorous universities
providing personal attention and extensive academic resources along with
superior education in the field of Civil Engineering with the help of a capacious
course. I’m also impressed by the well-equipped lab facilities available at
KTH, thus I feel that KTH is the perfect place for my graduate studies and I am
confident that I will make a positive contribution to the ongoing research work
at KTH.