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The use of cellphones, electronics, tablets, and computers are increasing day by day. Each year, a new laptop or a new phone is released. In addition, people, especially teenagers, utilize them mostly. Phones or electronics in common can act as a good thing or bad thing. Additionally, in some situations, they can act as both good and bad objects. In other words, it depends on where or when do we use them. It also depends on the way people use them. In my point of view, i believe that phones are useful. However, using them in schools may harm us or affect us negatively. The reason behind this is because phones disturb us, students may use them in negative or bad ways, it can act as a source of cyberbullying, it can affect our eyes, and students can use them to cheat.     As i mentioned in the past paragraph, phones disturb students. What do i mean by saying this? Many people are wondering right now. Some of you think that what i mean by saying “disturbing” is that it affects their progress and their achievements. Others think that chats and phone calls stop them from concentrating. Yes, you’re all right. When a student sits while the teacher is teaching or explaining something, his or her attention must 100% be given to the teacher. Many of the students speak or have a small chat with the person next to them. This may lead them to skip some important things that the teacher have already said. As a result, the student’s grades will drop. The same thing will happen if students brought their phones to school. They will give their attention to the person they’re speaking to through texting or calling. By doing this, their progress in school will decrease. Additionally, the teacher will explain the lessons to herself if no one is concentrating. Tablets also are similar to phones. Students may text others through their email and they may also watch a tv series while the teacher is explaining.     Since the fact that students are teenagers, they may use their phones in a bad way. By saying “bad way” i mean both watching bad videos and cheating. Some students get bored easily while sitting in class. Especially if they hate the subject. Their concentration will be more on their phones. They will start watching things that they aren’t supposed to watch. Student may also use phones as a source of cheating. Let’s suppose that an individual had an exam tomorrow and he didn’t prepare himself yet. So he started to think what will he do? He thinks of cheating by using his phone. The next day, he asked his friend to send him the exam answers and he did. After, he got an A+ without studying while some other students studied well and spent days and weeks to study. Isn’t this unfair? Phones also hurt student’s eyes. Their eyesight might be affected and they might wear eyeglasses just because of the use of phones. Not bringing them to school may decrease the probability of them wearing eyeglasses.     As we all know bullying is increasing day by day in some countries. Moreover, there are many types of bullying nowadays. One of them is cyberbullying. It’s using social media to bully others. For instance, if a group of students hate a person, they may take a picture of him and send it to others. He may also say bad things about him and spread it all over the school. This will hurt the person’s feeling. It might also lead him to harm himself. Committing suicide is a negative phenomenon that’s increasing. Many teens have committed suicide because of them getting bullied by other students. Even though bullying can be with a phone or without it, it still hurts others. I experienced this once and i felt sorry for the person. Once, a girl took a picture of another girl at school and she sent it in the group. She said many things about her and the rest of the students started to laugh about her. The girl got mad and she became depressed. In order to stop this, students must not bring their phones to school.     In conclusion, i can confidently say that bringing our phones or tablets to school is an unuseful thing. Students can use them to cheat, bully, and it distracts them. Moreover, it’s harmful for their eyes. Schools must not allow students to use or bring their phones. Parents play a big role in this too. Instead of encouraging them to bring phones to school, they have to stop them. In addition, they have to give them consequences.