The had great plot explaining what an American Dream

The book I choose for this culminating project is ‘The
Great Gatsby”. One of the main reasons I specifically choose this book is
because it had great plot explaining what an American Dream is and how it
can be achieved. The American Dream means to have freedom, and rights to fight
for some things that you believe in. The American Dream is coming up with a
goal, or plan and working hard to reach it. 
In my opinion, it really doesn’t matter if your dream is different from
everyone else such as opening your own business or becoming a billionaire. if
it is your goal, and you achieved it, then you have gained the experience of an
American Dream. I think this book does an amazing example of showing this
component, which really gained my interested. Also, my peers suggested and told
me that it was based on real life and said its a great example of how failure
can bring success.



The narrator of this novel is the main character of the
story. He is a young man named Nick Carraway. Nick is disappointed with the
life he was living in the Midwest where he grew up. Nick family has a
successful business background, but he chooses to moves to New York to start a
new career. He starts living in a house in the West Egg. After Nick arrived in
New York, he finds out that he lives across his cousin Daisy Buchanan, who
lives in East Egg with her husband Tom. Daisy and tom invite Nick to dinner
since he is new to town and he just got back from the war. During the dinner at
toms house, Tom is disturbed by a phone call from, Myrtle who is toms
Ex-girlfriend and embarrasses Daisy at dinner.

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Few days pass after the dinner at Toms house, and Nick
starts to go to all these parties with daisy family. The first party they
attended is a small party in the city and eventually, later on, Nick becomes
mesmerized in meeting his next-door neighbor, 
who is Jay Gatsby. Jay Gatsby is the person who creates all these
amazing parties in West Egg. Also during that day, Tom takes Nick to meet with
Myrtle Wilson,  and her husband, George
Wilson, who runs a car repair shop. 



Throughout Nicks time in his new home, he finds out that Jay
Gatsby was lying about who he claims to be. He Also finds out that he is in the
bootlegging industry and that’s how he makes his income. But, the other
shocking thing he found out that he was in love with Daisy. The person who
informs Nick on the affair is Jordan Baker, Toms friend. But there is a whole
another backstory between Gatsby and Daisy, Tom marries Daisy because she had
moments in her life struggling to stay loyal to Jay when he is so far away in
the war, and so, Daisy marries Tom. Jay goes on a journey to secure Daisy love
again,  as he starts to throw these crazy
cool parties to get closer to daisy. His plan almost works, but fail toward the
end of the novel.



Eventually, Tom finally confronts Gatsby and Daisy in the
car one day when they were driving into the city with Nick, Jordan, to hang out
to drink in the afternoon. As Gatsby was out with Daisy, Nick decides to
meet up with Myrtle and Tom. Myrtle and Tom have an argument whether she can
talk to Daisy. Tom gets mad, and punches her and breaks her nose which
starts to bleed instantly. As Daisy was really traumatized after Tom
confronting them, she accidentally hits Myrtle, when she was running away from
the fight with tom. Dasiy was the one driving Gatsby’s car, to take him
home, as they stubble across Myrtle.




George Wilson wife “Myrtle” thought Jay was originally
driving his car, but instead, it was Daisy. And all this was seen by Tom, who
told all of this to Myrtle husband. During this point of the book, the reader
knows that Gatsby didn’t kill Myrtle, instead, it was Daisy, but Tom and George
don’t know that. That same night, Gatsby makes sure he takes all the blame
for the hit, so she can be saved and also waits for Daisy to call him, but it
was too late and Gatsby got shot at his house by George Wilson.


As we reach the end of the book, Nick helps organize
Gatsby’s funeral which no one comes to and then meets Gatsby’s father, Mr.

Gatsby. Mr. Gatsby tells Nick more information about his son and shows his book
that he made trying to achieve his main goal. After the funeral, Nick decides
to returns to the Midwest because he thinks needs more experience to be a