The generated revenue by market and 44 percent comprised

industry of global container ports transformed from public management and
entered in global competition from recent years and most ports handled cargo of
their hinterland, in this way these ports maintained their monopoly over others
by increasing private participation and competition (Coelli and others 2003, and
song 2006Gullinane).Economic growth is depend critically on trade and ports are
crucial for trade, Global trade is handle through ports 80% by volume and 70%
by value(World Bank competitiveness Survey Report 2010 ). Logistic cost is very
important and indicated (chang, 1988) that cost of transportation recorded 6.5
percent average generated revenue by market and 44 percent comprised on
logistic cost. Port services providers are committed to maintain
competitiveness through cutting edge technologies; it is happened due to
increase demand of customers (Wang et al 2005. Market structure has changed,
transferred from monopoly to fierce competitive environment, it happened due to
growth of intermodal transportation and sea traffic (Wang and Cullinane, 2006)  In international container ports constant
research on supply chain drivers brought fruitful result in port management.
Sea transport is very important which is being carried more than 8.17 billion
ton in recorded in 2008, the quantity is near about 80 percent of world trade (UNCTAD,
2009). There are many weakness at south Asian container ports, but the key bottleneck
is transport in competitiveness and performance of south Asian container ports (Susila
Munisamy and Gurcharan Singh 2010). Infrastructure is essential to compete in
the global economy. The most problematic factor for doing business in this
region is inadequate infrastructure except Sri Lanka. This research paper is an
assessment of south Asian container ports on the base of on port performance
and its affect on maritime logistic. This report also provides an opportunity
and benefits for local and international stockholders, investors, and