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The Honor Flight Network was confounded by Earl Morse, a Physician’s Assistant and retired Air Force Captain and Jeff Miller, a small business owner and was the son of a WWII Veteran. Earl worked in the Department of Veterans Affair in Springfield, OH. He knew that the veterans would not be able to afford to fly to Washington D.C. to see the memorial. He knew this because he would ask his patients when they came in to see him if they had been there yet and he was always told no. Every time they came in he asked and when he started asking why not various reasons were given such as they didn’t have the funds, their children wouldn’t bring them. Since he was a pilot he decided to ask the aeroclub if the pilots could pay for the flight to get some of the Vets to D.C. On May 5, 2005 six small planes flew 12 vets to D.C to see the memorial. In late 2005 Jeff Miller who was the owner of a dry-cleaning business in Henderson NC had the same kind of idea but he was thinking on a larger scale. He was also concerned these vets would not be able to see their new memorial so he formed “Honor air” which flew WWII vets from Asheville Regional Airport to the memorial in D.C. By the end of 2006, he had flown more than 300 veterans to see the memorial. In February of 2007, Morse and Miller met and merged Honor Flight and Honor Air into what is today the Honor Flight Network.  The mission statement of The Honor Flight Network is “To transport American Veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorial dedicated to honor their service and sacrifices of themselves and their friends.” The Honor Flight Network raises money to help pay for the transportation of WWII, Korean and Vietnam war veterans to the memorial in Washington D.C. Each chapter designates what the money is used for but typically it is used to pay for plane tickets, meals and shirts for the vets to wear because they all wear the same shirts. Sometimes the money is used to rent busses so the vets can be bussed around. When people donate money, they can also designate which program they would like the money to go to.  There are four different programs within the Honor Flight Network. Flag of our hero’s is for families who have a loved one who have passed away before they had a chance to see the memorial. Families send in a picture of the loved one and that picture is flown to the memorial. Once there a picture is taken of the picture by the memorial and then sent to the family along with a certificate. The Lone Eagle program serves vets who do not have an Honor Flight chapter in their area. The Solo program is for vets that do not want to fly to D.C. because they are scared or because flying brings back bad memories. If the vets can get to the memorial by another mode of transportation, they will be taken on the Honor Flight once they get to D.C. Boe 2 The TLC program is for the vets that are terminally ill and have less than one year to live. They are required to send a doctor’s note saying they are terminally ill and have less than a year to live. Once that is received, they are moved to the top of the list. They want as many vets as able to be able to see the memorial.  The Honor Flight Network does plan to keep expanding to other wars. They plan to build a Dessert Storm memorial in D.C. next.  I chose this charity because my grandpas were both in the military. I feel very passionately that these vets should be honored and respected. Without them we would not be the free country that we are today. I also plan to send a picture of my grandpa in for the Flag of our Hero’s program. I have a great uncle who served in Dessert Storm that I plan to tell about this program. I think it would be great if he were able to go see that memorial when it is done. I’d be interested in going with him.