The For instance, when it comes to oral health,

The constant growth in popularity of all natural, organic,
and alternative uses for everyday products is becoming more evident and
frequently discussed in our society. For instance, when it comes to oral
health, consumers are becoming more infatuated with the charcoal toothpaste
alternative. Charcoal
toothpaste is a commonly used product for the exchange of using mainstream
toothpaste.  As well as being
interested, people are taking to a social media platform to express their
experiences. The issue with the social media platform is that consumers are
promoting the brands without the proper research and understanding of the
products, like charcoal toothpaste. This is especially apparent for millennials
and young adults. The lack of solid foundation of research can lead to
unrepairable damage and as the popularity continues to grow, so does the demand
for the product. The consistent
use of the product affects the anatomy of the tooth and chemical make-up of the
enamel. (Pertiwi). Due to the changes in our societies’ influences from
social media, products like charcoal toothpaste have started trending; however,
the toothpaste has been shown to cause damaging issues to enamel and tooth structure.Review of LiteratureCharcoal toothpaste has become a widely used product within
the oral health community. With new products such as it, much debate and speculation
occurs. The author from the Journal of Physics: Conference series conducted an
experiment of the prolonged use of charcoal toothpaste and its effects,
compared to a strong formula toothpaste and distilled water.  They took 30 different maxillary pre-molars
and conducted an experiment. Within these groups, they had a constant control
of the type of toothbrush used and the technique used. The type of toothbrush
was a soft tipped head and a set brushing speed and angle. The results of the experiment show that the charcoal
toothpaste did wear down the tooth enamel and bring out tooth roughness in each
subject. With each of the time lines they followed, the more prolonged use and consistency;
the increase of amount of damage that is present. This is shown for a one month
use and three months use of the products. For the testing of the productivity
and effects of the different methods, ANOVA testing was used. The ANOVA testing
is a way to distinguish the systematic differences between each method.  It is to note that more research on the
subject is needed for this experiment. This is due to the upcoming popularity
of charcoal toothpaste. Continued research is imperative to the knowledge of
the product, especially you consider enamel and the impossibility of it
rejuvenating in the oral cavity; the results seem quite devastating. This is one of the first of conducted research and organized
experiment of this nature. This is due to the increase of growth for
alternative uses for toothpaste. It has been shown that the most effective way
of using preventive oral health is consist use of a semi-abrasive toothpaste
with some type of activated ingredient. When considering the experiment of charcoal toothpaste, the
interrelated factors of promoting the product can build an increase of present
of the sed product. This is what is happening with the on growing of popularity
of charcoal toothpaste. Charcoal toothpaste has become especially made its’ own
presence on social media. There has been no approval by the ADA to approve
effectiveness of charcoal toothpaste or the safety of it as related to oral
health. Social Media Influence

Social media is a main cause for the push of the use of this
product. Due to the promotions and lack of research as by the consumers who are
posting, tweeting, chatting, or favoring this, increases the infatuation of
charcoal toothpaste. The platforms of social media that are formed are not
growing for passive marketing communications or ads, they are being built to
form strong relationships and exchange of products and services (Das 2016).
More then just building of relationships among others, the buying and
purchasing decision making is showing a strong presence. This is because,
products are being exploited in different ways, or shown on its best side. This
is interrelated with charcoal toothpaste. Including other social media
platforms, but mainly Facebook; the ads of what is considered popular in our
society or discussed heavily on social media. The research conducted through
this study shows how especially millennials are devoted to a brand or what is
mainstreaming currently.

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