The Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth amendment’s give use due

    The USA would be very different if there were no Bill of Rights.
The Bill of Rights has 10 amendments. The First amendments give us the freedom
of speech and press. The second give the right to bear right.  The Fourth, Fifth, Sixth, and Eighth
amendment’s give use due process. These are rights that define the foundation
of the USA government.

    America would be different if there was
no Bill of Rights. You could not talk bad about the government without the
first amendment to protect you. The government could put you in jail with out
telling you your rights or giving you a trail since there would be no due
process. Then there would be very little way to protect yourself because you
could not own a gun because there is no second amendment.

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    One of the controversy amendments is the second amendment
about the right to bear arm or to own a gun. This is controversy because this
gives weapons to people who has the power to hurt or kill other very easy if
the user chooses to. The second reason is that it is very easy to get a gun and
a permit, and this has led to many violence in war between crime
group and random terrorist attacks that has led to many deaths so that is way
the second amendment is so controversy.

    One of the most important amendments are first amendment.
It is very important because of all the rights given to the citizens. For
example, the freedom of press which gives citizens the right to write about
they want without fear. The freedom of speech which give the citizen the right
to say their mind without punishment. The freedom of assembly gives the right
to gather in a group and protest. There is the freedom of religion, so you can
practice your own religion. Then there is freedom of petition, so you can go
against the government. With all these rights there are limits to them for the protection of other citizens.

of all the 10 amendment I would have to get rid of the three amendments because
it is not that important now. The three amendment is the about how troop can
live in your house. This was big problem in 1700-1800 but not a problem now. If
we go rid of this amendment there would not be troop going and living in other
homes because they would just live in their own house.

    Therefore, the Bill of Rights is such a big part of the
U.S.A and the citizen that reside here. The rights given to citizen are causing people to
come to America hope for a better life because other country does not give the
same right and respect to their citizens like U.S.A does.