The exclusively deals with the mutualistic friendship, dignity, and

The “Shawshank Redemption” Movie
The “Shawshank Redemption” is an American drama movie written and directed by Frank Darabont in 1994. The film is majorly based on the Shawshank prison with the major actors who include Dufresne and Morgan Freeman, who plays the role of Ellis Boyd “Red” Redding and Tim Robbins dramatizing as Andrew “Andy.” The film illustrates that Andy had to spend almost two decades in the penitentiary known as Shawshank State prison in Maine together with his colleague. Broadly, the movie also features loyalty, patience, time and the willpower of two men under the bars, who eventually become friends and initiate a means of fighting off despair. Typically, the film pushes emotional buttons by subjecting the viewers in the unrealistic circumstances, because the content therein is not applicable to the audience, though it is a more significant human-spirit sense. Therefore, the movie is an entire psychological and physical journey of the two men in the passage  of freedom, which exclusively deals with the mutualistic  friendship, dignity, and hope.
The featured cast makes the movie amazing. In this respect, Tim Robbins perfected his role as the quiet and subtle actor in the most incredible manner. Robbins’ role aims at giving hope and inspiration to the audience since he is portrayed as the optimistic character; which allows the viewers to connect and identify with him. Similarly, Morgan perfects his role in the film exceedingly in such that he is relatable, enticing and alluring to the audience. Seemingly, the cinematography of the movie connects perfectly to the narration therein. In this regard, the cinematographer (Roger Deakins) set the disposition of a permanent solitude place (penitentiary) by including muted and dull colors. He utilizes the drab tones of blues, grays, and greens, which may surprise the viewers on whether the scene is black-and-white or not. Therefore, the great cinematography solidifies the film’s excellence and combines  the layers of complexity, appeal, and reality altogether.  
The entire movie is explicitly perfect since the choice of cinematography, characters role, sound, and background colors seemingly work perfectly for the story. In one sense, the writer has exclusively demonstrated his experience and talent in the industry by incorporation of various aspects and technicalities of the film shooting to depict the themes of freedom, friendship, and life after incarceration in a more holistic way. However, depending on the taste and preference of the audience, many may not like this movie since “it’s extremely unrealistic.” From the point of view, this film is not intended to be the documentary featuring the personal life, since it gives loose insight into incarceration while sustaining the riveting storyline.
In summation, “Shawshank Redemption” is the most fantastic film and needs more prize by the Academy Awards because it exceedingly stands out, having the best actors, pictures, sound, adapted screenplay, and cinematography. However, being artist needs a lot sacrifice to do great exploits, and particular commitments are necessary for such achievements to be realized in the movie shooting industries. Therefore, the entire collection is exclusively admirable, coupled with the appropriate combination of the choice of the words and all aspects of movies to convey the message appropriate to the viewers. In this regards, “Shawshank redemption” film is worth to be acknowledged and rewarded as one of the unique dram movies of the present era.