The example terrorists, murderers, and rapists. A terrorist is

The title of this scientific gothic novel is Frankenstein. It was first published on January 1, 1818 and written by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley. The main setting is eighteenth century Switzerland. The novel was inspired by a challenge. The challenge was to write a terrifying ghost story. Shelley created a monster in Victor not the creature. From examining Victor’s lack of empathy, absence of responsibility, and abundance of neglect it is clear that Victor is the true monster in Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein.  There are many perceptions of a monster. A monster is defined to be an imaginary creature that frightens people due to its grotesque appearance.  A few examples of imaginary monsters are vampires, demons, and the boogeyman. A vampire is a human corpse that is said to return from the grave and harm the living. Demons are figures whose spirit is unclean and immortal. They are usually said to be a christian belief. The boogeyman is a monstrous figure used to threaten children. However, society’s view has changed over a period of time and monsters are now people we pass everyday on the street. For example terrorists, murderers, and rapists. A terrorist is one who uses violence and threats as a form of intimidation.  A murderer is a person who unlawfully kills a  person and they are viewed inhumane to society. Lastly, a rapist is one who commits unlawful sexual intercourse without the consent of the victim. The fact still remains that a true monster is evil and lacks remorse for the feelings of others. Victor displays the emotion of a true monster due to his lack of remorse for his creation’s feeling.  Mary Shelley’s monsters are emotionally and mentally based. Growing up she endured a few struggles and suffering. Her mother died while giving birth to Mary and often times children blame themselves for the death of their mother. Similarly, Mary lost her premature child and half sister as well. She also wanted her husband´s ex wife Harriet Shelley dead. Ironically, she commited suicide and Mary was overwhelmed with guilt. In some way she holds herself accountable for the deaths of these four people (Feldman 73). Dealing with death can be emotionally draining. Having the absence of a parent can also take a toll on a child’s life.  Victor has an imperative need to find the answer to immortality and a way to infuse life into an inanimate body (Shelley, 55). Therefore, he worked hard for nearly two years and the creature was created. Without realizing what he has done, thus presenting his irresponsibility, the hideous creature came to life. “…now that I had finished, the beauty of the dream vanished, and breathless horror and disgust filled my heart (Shelley 55). Once the creature realized he had to face life on his own, he began to teach himself about fire and how to speak. To get Victor attention, the creature had to do the worst. For example killing one of his close friends, an innocent young boy, and Elizabeth. As previously stated, Mary felt responsible for the death of her loved ones just as Victor. Notably, the creature foreshadows the death of Elizabeth. “It is well. I go; but remember, I shall be with you on your wedding night” (Shelley 175).  Consequently, Victor brought these unfortunate events upon himself.  Later in the novel the creature becomes outrage with his father not wanting him and he goes out on a rampage. Victor displays lack of empathy by not trying to understand where the creature is coming from. The creature does not understand why his father doesn’t want him. He also cannot comprehend why nobody accepts him the way he is. When your own father does not want you, it is hard to have hope that other people will accept you. He is disoriented with pain and sights. The creature is just trying to fit in with the other humans. He even saves a drowning girl by the river to show people that he is caring (Shelley 145). Additionally, Victor displays his abundance of neglect. The term neglect means fail to care for properly. Dr. Frankenstein created the creature out of his own ignorance. Since the creature had the knowledge of a newborn child, it is hard to learn life on its own. Therefore, needing some sort of adult figure in its life to teach necessities in order to survive. When Victor fails to fulfill his role as a parent, books are the only thing the creature has to guide him into love and knowledge (Garcia). When he watches the DeLaceys, he sees how a family is realy supposed to be. He begins to understand true love and care. Victor is the scientist who wanted to create life from matter. His passion is science and he later finds himself disillusioned and guilty.  In chapter four he discovers the secret of life and he begins to neglect his family and social life to be in his lab. He then becomes obsessed with his creation and that is his only focus. Once Victor rejects his creation it begins the spiral. The monster begins to kill the ones Victor loves. His creation is grotesque and articulate. In chapter ten, the monster begins to discuss his side of the story and what he has experienced. He realizes he is abhorred by the world because of his appearance. He also becomes isolated because he cannot show himself. Lastly, he becomes lonely because he has no companion. He asks Victor to create a partner so he can have someone who will truly accept him. The theme of this novel is survival. The creature had to learn how to survive on its own due to the absence of his father. He also had to learn how to survive with the hateful people that surrounded him. No one wanted to accept him because of his abnormal height and hideous features. This theme can be identified in today’s society because if you want to prosper in life you must first learn how to survive in it. In life many people are ready to quit and give up when they are facing troubling obstacles. The creature could’ve easily gave up when his father neglected him, but he decided to learn how to survive on his own. Tragedy and trials affect everyone and only the strong can survive. Most people run from pain and challenge when in the end the challenge is what is going to get you to the next level. Learning that the power of electricity is what created the creature leads to fear in advanced technology that can take place in society. Somethings are better left undiscovered and unsaid. For example, robots. Robots are becoming more intelligent and human like. A recently created Robot named Sophia has surfaced the internet. Sophia was made by Hanson Robotics and she is the most realistic looking Robot today. She can process conversational data and emotional data and use all of that to build relationships with people (Hanson). She has also been granted citizenship of Saudi Arabia. On the Jimmy Fallon show, she said her plan is to “dominate the human race”. In other words, Sophia was better left undiscovered. In reality, our external monsters can never be tamed. In life there will always be murderers, rapists, and terrorist just to name a few. However, our internal monsters can be tamed. Our “monsters” are our inner passions. They compel us to behave in a certain manner. When something is a passion, it can easily become an obsession. When we try to forget our passions or not act upon them, we live with regret and wistfulness. In conclusion, Victor is the true monster of Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein. This has been supported by his lack of empathy, absence of responsibility, and abundance of neglect. Mary Shelley did a wonderful job showing readers that actions have consequences. Also that differences should be celebrated and not shunned. Lastly, it leads readers to question ¨Can science go too far?¨