The erectile dysfunction, however, there are other ways that

The message from this cartoon is a
message we all are familiar with and/or already have an opinion about without
yet experiencing it. As you age your body not only tires easily your energy is
also depleted. Your sex drive has diminished and is not as strong as it once
was as a younger person. Having sex with your partner may often feel like a
chore not to mention the changes in the body that both men and woman go
through, which is what this picture above is referring to.  The woman in the picture is making a
statement regarding her and her husband’s intimacy. She states her husband
takes an eternity to be in a position to be able to have sex and is most likely
referring to his age and the ailments that come with it. Most likely referring
to erectile dysfunction which is affecting him from becoming aroused as easy as
he once has. As you age most commonly for men beginning even in their forties
start to experience erectile dysfunction. With erectile dysfunction, it can be
caused by health problems but are most commonly from psychological issues.
Things that happen in life, such as aging, a family death, illness in the
family, or financial problems can affect you psychologically and most commonly
half of all men between the ages of 40-70 experience this issue (Fox News,
2017). Men who suffer these issues may use things to help their situation such
as taking a very popular pill called Viagra that is taken orally. It then
begins to work by increasing the amount of blood flow going to the penis
causing it to be able to not only get an erection but keep one as well (Pfizer,
2017).  Viagra is the most popular fix
for erectile dysfunction, however, there are other ways that a man may benefit
from and a safer alternative. A few things that a man could do are exercise,
eat a healthy diet, and keep a low-stress lifestyle. As for the woman, she is
also referring to herself when she makes her statement, stating how she takes
an eternity to finish. She is most likely referring to her having difficulty
reaching an orgasm due to her age. As woman age, they have many factors that
can interfere with them reaching a climax. The aging process causes a slow in
the production of vaginal secretions, and less genital swelling when trying to
arouse (Hosein, 2011). This then leads to issues when trying to get aroused or
staying aroused. Some things women may be able to do to help them receive an
orgasm is to use lubricants which can be purchased in almost any department
store. Another thing that a woman can do is to perform Kegel exercises, these
exercises strengthen the muscle that contracts during an orgasm making it
longer lasting and easier to achieve.

The psychological aspects that this
cartoon represents are things that create a problem in the sex life in an
elderly couple. In the elderly different things can affect them psychologically
such as depression. Many elderly are diagnosed with depression which can be
caused by many things occurring in an elderly person’s life a big one being the
libido declining hormones that come with aging (Clay, 2012).  A person who may have a husband who is
experiencing erectile dysfunction may feel that her husband is no longer turned
on by her or maybe the husband feels that his wife no longer attracted to him.
These things will lead to a person feeling bad about themselves then, in turn,
creating a depressive state. If aging adults would discuss issues with each
other they would realize it is an issue that both man and woman go through. If
two partners could work together to solve each other’s aging ailments then sex
would be more feasible and when a sexual relationship is healthy it is
beneficial for both. There are many positive benefits psychologically that an
elderly person can achieve by inducing happiness and enhancing moods. Having a
healthy sexual relationship will also keep you stress-free and helps fight
depression by making you feel good about yourself.

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The Physiological aspects of this
cartoon are referring to the man having issues related to the aging process.
These physiological issues can be referring to him having issues with erectile
dysfunction or whatever ailment he may be experiencing most likely from aging.
This, in turn, is making it is causing him to take an eternity to become ready
for sex. The physiological aspect for the female is her taking an eternity to
finish sex relating to issues she’s experiencing from aging such as menopause
that could be causing dry vaginal secretions. This in turn affecting the female
by not being able to reach an orgasm in a normal amount of time as she would
have when she was younger.  If a couple
continues to be sexually active as they age vaginal secretions will be moister
then someone who is not sexually active. It also helps create that emotional
connection between a couple by bringing them closer (Thorton, 2013).
Physiological changes are common in everyone going through the aging process
but symptoms can vary.

After my research writing this
paper, I have come to form my opinion that society has placed a negative idea
about sex in the elderly. Realistically if more people had a better
understanding including the elderly people they would be more satisfied with
their lives and would be fulfilled happily by their partners. I think it should
be important to educate aging individuals of all the positive things someone
can do to create a healthy sexual relationship. 
Aging can definitely hinder a person’s sex life but in my conclusion, it
is important and beneficial practice sex often as long as one is capable.