The endangered or dangerous animals .Here the Forest surveillance

The project
is entitled as “Elephant trespassing detection and intrusion system for
villagers”. The software that can be used to detect the presence of Elephant
that crosses the forest limit in the forest. This computer software will help
to find the animal that is required from the forest. This project is for
minimizing the searching time. Normally there is variety of animals present in
the forest, but it is very time consuming in order to locate a particular
animal from the forest. But in this software we first keep trained set of images
as dataset of particular animal, in this case an ‘Elephant’, that is need to be
identified and the villagers need to be informed. Thus we can minimize the
searching time.

identification of animal from the forest surveillance is important software for
locating a particular species on a certain area. The increase in usage of this
software helps to find endangered or dangerous animals .Here the Forest
surveillance video (animal planet/discovery) is taken as the input. The
algorithm used is Haar Classifier. With this algorithm object detection is
possible and if new objects come we can identify it quickly. If the object is
person, means he shouldn’t walk into forest; it is illegal so an alert signal
will be provided as message to the forest department. Otherwise, if the object
found is an animal then we can prepare animal territory chart/map.

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The main
theory used for working of this software is Machine Learning. Machine learning
is a subfield of computer science that evolved from the study of pattern
recognition and computational learning theory in artificial intelligence.
Animal Detection is an application of object detection.  Here machine learning approach is to create a
classifier. We are planning to use Haar Classifier and Open CV library. Open CV
library can be used to process input videos. The input to the Haar classifier
will be a set of training images. The two modules in this project are training
and detection.