The describes the kidney operation as having severe risks

The right to live is an inherent right for everyone. This is
particularly relevant for children who still need time to grow and develop and
to be protected from anything that may harm their chance to reach adulthood.
Anna’s situation strongly contradicts this right which Article 6 of the UNCRC states
as being that “children have the right to live” and to “survive and develop
healthily” (UNICEF). Anna knows that she has to donate a kidney in order to
save her sister’s life and yet no one stops to think about the long-lasting
effects this could have on the development of a 13-year-old girl. Anna
describes the kidney operation as having severe risks including “anaesthesia,
the risks of which include stroke, heart attack, and lung problems” and that
she has a “1 in 3000 chance of dying on the operating table”. She also says
that the long-term effects include “increased chance of high blood pressure, a
risk of complications with pregnancy” and is told that she’ll have to be
careful for the rest of her life in case the remaining kidney becomes damaged.
These effects put a massive strain on Anna’s life who can no longer be a child
but now must take on adult responsibilities in order to ensure she lives a long
life. Campbell, Wright, Greenberg and Grant (2013) describe the lasting effects
that transplants have on minors in the American Journal of Transplantation which
suggests that donors “face longer at-risk periods of decreased renal reserve
and longer medical follow-up periods than older donors that may involve
emotional and social strain on YLDs and their families”. They also touch upon
the psychological effects that it could potentially have on the donor as they “may
feel guilty if the recipient fares poorly”. It also brings up the issue that if
the transplant doesn’t work then Anna’s quality of life has been reduced for
nothing. Whilst everything should be done to keep Kate alive, Anna also has the
right to live which is being compromised by the decisions her parents are
making for her.