The degeneration (incapable) of yielding herself, body and soul,

The play was 1st
launched in 1891; it faced strange response. Some harshly criticize it and even
called it immoral while some critics were impressed by the courage and
originality of Ibsen. Some critics called it immoral and disreputable. The play
had greatly shocked audience. While some critics were impressed by Ibsen’s
originality and courage. Chekhov after watching the play’s rehearsal remarked

                                     “Ibsen is no playwright!”                 Nilsson (1899)

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The Danish critic
George Brandes also remarked that:

                                    “A true type of degeneration (incapable) of
yielding herself, body and             soul,
to the man she loves.”                                            George Brandes (1891)

Whatever the response
is from critics but Ibsen’s contribution cannot be neglected. He was the 1st
man who has proved that high tragedy could be written about ordinary woman. He has
presented Hedda as a powerful character. Through Hedda’s character he has shown
the depth of his understanding of human character especially feminine
character. Ibsen had a great quality of understanding human mind and also
portraying its depth.

In the late nineteenth
century, impressionalism, capitalism and socialism shaped European society and
evolved new ways of thinking. Sigmund Freud’s revolutionary science of
psychoanalysis also had great impact on human mind. At that time Henrik Ibsen
for the first time write about particular social agenda.

Hedda Gabbler belongs
to aristocratic class. She is a loving daughter of General Gabbler. After his
father’s death it has become difficult for her to survive in extravagant way. She
has a little choice. She has to marry to support her extravagant way of living
which she had in her father’s time.

          “General Gabler’s daughter! Think
what she was accustomed to when the General was alive!”

Hedda selected George
Tesman having choice of Eilert Lovborg and Judge Brack.  She realises the merit in marrying to Tesman
who is expected to become professor. She is also afraid of her approaching age
loneliness. Her decision of marriage shows she depends on marriage and man for
the happiness of her future