The daughter Miranda. The earliest example of Prospero using

The Tempest, the final goodbye for the legendary author William Shakespeare. It is a truly remarkable story involving love, pain, and magic. The story represents Shakespeare’s life as an author and it especially shows his goodbye. The story does this by ending it with Prospero laying down and breaking his staff which was a major source of his magic power. Magic, magic is a very important aspect of the story that stands out throughout the story. There are two characters in The Tempest which show their magic throughout the story, and those two characters are Ariel, who is a sprite and Prospero who is a wizard. Just like The Tempest, there are many stories that have been written that have magical themes and characters. Magic is a very common topic that author’s craft their stories around and they are very comparable. Stories that are like The Tempest are the stories from the Harry Potter series. They are alike because of their magical elements, their main characters are comparable and there is a good amount of romance in the story.    Shakespeare is very well known for his love stories and romantic stories but Shakespeare has also done stories that involve a lot of magic, and The Tempest is definitely one of them. The stories in the Harry Potter series are also very magical and are based on the concept of magic. In The Tempest the character that displays the most amount of magic is Prospero. Prospero is a wizard who was betrayed and went to an island then starts to live on that island with his daughter Miranda. The earliest example of Prospero using his magic is when he creates a storm to make a boat full of men crash upon shore on his island, using a storm he creates “If by your art, my dearest father, you have put the wild water in this roar, allay them.” (Shakespeare 515). That short quote said by Miranda which is her asking why Prospero put this horrible storm upon the men in the boat. In the Harry Potter series, the main, character of the story is also a magical figure. The earliest example of the main character of the Harry Potter series is when Harry makes the glass in the zoo disappear. The difference between the two stories is that Harry is unaware of his magical powers at the time that this event happens.    The characters in the two stories can be compared to each other quite easily. Especially the two main characters, Harry and Prospero. Both of the characters have magical powers and are put under the name of a wizard. Meaning that both Prospero and Harry are both wizards. Another interesting thing about the two of them is that they were both separated from their home due to tragic or unfortunate events. Harry was separated because of the death of his parents and Prospero was betrayed by his own brother and moved to the island. Two other comparable characters are Ariel and Dobby. Ariel is a sprite who is a slave to Prospero on the island and in the story, if Ariel completes his final task then he will be freed by Prospero. “All hail, great master! Grave sir, hail! I come to answer thy best pleasure; be’t to fly, to swim, to dive into the fire, to ride on curled clouds.” (Shakespeare 520). This quote is said by Ariel and in the quote, he is asking Prospero what his duties are and that he’ll do anything for Prospero. That is very similar to what happens with the character Dobby. Dobby is a character in the Harry Potter series that is seen differently by many people, but I see him as a slave. They are so alike because at the end of each other their respective stories they are both released from their slavery positions.    Finally, both of the stories include romance and can be considered romantic stories. In The Tempest the love connection between Miranda and Ferdinand, but in the Harry Potter series, it takes almost the entire series to realize the love between the two characters, Hermione and Ron. In both of the stories at the end, the couples have a serious relationship, at the end of both of the stories they end up getting married. “No, noble mistress, ’tis fresh morning with me when you are by at night. I do beseech you, chiefly that I might set it in my prayers, what is your name?” (Shakespeare 556). This is the part of the story when Ferdinand meets Miranda, and from this moment they fall in love instantly.    The Tempest, and Harry Potter, these two stories aren’t usually compared by their craft because they are completely different in that sense. But the two stories can definitely be compared because of what happens in the stories and their characters are quite similar. Both of these stories are very famous pieces of literature that will go down in history. Their characters, the magic involved in the story and the romance in the story are the three main reasons why these stories are very similar.