The cup is organized by lower-division club GBK Kokkola.

The key to success in any business
is how well the entrepreneur utilize their resources, use them efficiently and
bring the maximum output and at the same time eliminating waste. Efficient
management of supply chain is a very important factor in any business as it is
directly related with the cost of the product manufactured.

My thesis work is based on my
business plan and the importance of logistics and supply chain management in
any business. The business plan contains information about how to import goods
from Pakistan, in my case I will be importing footballs. Many import and export
businesses are using almost the same pattern as I have described in my thesis,
so for the reader who needs some idea about how the import process takes place
in Finland can get help by my work as numbers would be different for example,
tax and other forms of regulations but the idea remains the same.

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Why I choose footballs as my
product has a very good reason behind it. Pakistan is one of the leading
countries in manufacturing footballs and responsible for supplying nearly half
the demand in the world. The biggest name in the industry for instance; Nike,
Adidas and Puma are the main customers.

Football was first brought to
Finland in the 1890s by English sailors, and it was first played in Turku. The
first national competition in the sport was set up in 1906, and won by a school
team from Turku. The Football Association of Finland was founded in 1907 and it
joined FIFA the following year. Ice hockey is traditionally the most popular
sport in Finland but football is increasing in popularity over the past years
especially among kids, youth and women (2016).

Finland hosts two major youth
football tournaments that are open to international teams: Helsinki and Kokkola
cups. The Helsinki cup was established in 1976 and has since been competed by
teams from different continents. The tournament is annually staged either in
June or July in Helsinki (2016).

Kokkola cup is organized by
lower-division club GBK Kokkola. The tournament usually last for four days and
has a recorded a maximum participation of 330 teamsĀ 


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