The creation was a bicycle that they built together

The dodge brothers  Jordan Alcocer  Mr. ramage  English 3  1/10/18  The dodge brothers where automotive pioneers who would grow up to create one of the greatest car empires the world will ever know they were skilled machinist with a modest background.  John Frances dodge born on October 25, 1964 and his little brother Horace dodge born May 17 1868 grew up very poor. Where two of three children of Daniel rug and marina casto. They grew up in Niles Michigan where they attended public school where in the winter they had to walk down a dirt road barefoot because they were too poor to afford shoes. But they learned them skills as skilled machinist by working on boats engines for marine use at their father’s shop. John dodge and there sister Delphine dodge would graduate high school while john more skilled brother would finish his education in his father shop. The brother’s first creation was a bicycle that they built together in Niles. They left Niles in 1886 where they worked at murphy boiler works in Detroit until 1894. Until Horace dodge invented a four-point dirt proof, adjustable bicycle ball bearing in 1897. Because of this he partnered with Fred s. Evans where they leased a typography company where the dodge brothers established a bicycle company for two years. In 1900 the dodge sold their interest in the bicycle company and with the money they moved back to Detroit where they opened up a machine shop in a Boydell building on Bedaubing Street at Lafayette. They started out with only twelve employees.   But they quickly devolved a reputation for skilled craftsmanship and in 1910 they were able to save enough money to move into a bigger building at hasting street on Monroe Avenue. Where the dodge brothers nicknamed the site the Hamtramck site. The Hamtramck site was one of the largest and best equipped shop in Detroit. Which quickly caught the eye of Oldsmobile and Oldsmobile quickly opened a new plant and made a deal with the dodge brothers to supply them with engines and later on 3,000 transmissions for Oldsmobile. This made dodge one of the largest parts suppliers in the automobile industry maybe even the country. Which led the dodge brothers to stop working with Oldsmobile and start to work with ford. On February 23, 1903 the dodge brothers supplied ford with 650 chassis, engines, and transmissions worth around 200 dollars each. This would be the beginning of the relationship between the dodge and ford firms. This order kept 150 employees for dodge fully occupied at the Hamtramck site. Which gave ford enough confidence to place another order only on credit. This deal gave dodge 100 shares in the Ford Motor company. On June 6 1903 dodge delivered the second part of chassis at the ford plant in Detroit. This deal leads ford to order another 755 engines on January 1904 and the engines where delivered on May 1904. On 1912 the brothers supplied ford with 180, 00 transmission axle sets. With the money from these deals the dodge brothers decided to build another part of their factory to have more room for the orders that where coming in. the dodge brothers wanted to sell their own cars. In November 14th the first dodge car rolled off the line this car was the first major completion for ford. This car had a self-starter and barely relied on cracking which made the car easer to start for women. It also had an improved fuel pump which made the car easer to climb a steep hill without forcing the driver to put it into reverse gear. By the end of 1914 the dodge brother where planning on making more dodge vehicles for the year 1915. One of the vehicles world be a roadster the other would be a closed door sedan. These dependable dodge autos won recognition of General John j perishing in mechanicalized clavery campaign in 1916. This lead General john j perishing to order another 250 dodges from the war department. He used the vehicles to go over roads and open land to catch poncho villa. In 1917 the dodge brothers made their first civilian truck due to the demand from there buyers and dealers. Then by the end of 1917 the brothers made an abundance of these civilian trucks for world war one for military use. Then they produced 60, 00 cars with 15mm gun recoil systems for world war one. Then made another civilian business truck with a one thousand pound payload which sold for around 885 dollars. In 1917 the dodge brothers started exporting cars to Canada they sold around 90, 00 cars but encountered stiff competition from Chevrolet. In 1919 they launched another four door sedan .At this point in their life the dodge brothers where quite wealthy. In 1920 they ranked second place in American car the same year tragedy struck while john dodge was attending an auto car expo he becomes ill with pneumonia in January later that night he dies. His little brother Horace later dies that year due to cirrhosis in December due to grieving of the loss of his brother to who he was very close to. The dodge company is passed down to the brother’s widows who would later go on and sell the company to an investment bank for one hundred and forty six million. The Chrysler Company goes on and buys the dodge company for one hundred and seventy million this purchased would make Chrysler the third biggest auto company overnight. The dodge brand has withstood the multiple ownership changes at Chrysler from 1998 to 2009.  This American brand of cars is what we know today as Dodge founded by the dodge brothers.