The countries have abolished the death penalty. Many people

The world doesn’t need a death penalty, it is not fair to take someones life no matter the reason is. As a result to, 103 countries have abolished the death penalty. Many people supports the idea of banning death penalty in contrary to governments, because it is expensive, not effective on crime rates, and it is immoral for us as humans.Death penalty costs governments a lot of money, according to Nick Gillespie “california spent about $4 billion US dollars administering death penalty cases while actually executing just 13 individuals between 1980 and 2012″ (Gillespie,2). One of the reason why governments don’t want to stop death penalty, is that some countries export lethal chemicals that goes into death penalty by injection process that they only produce. Of course stopping the death penalty will obstruct these countries finance. For example, a certain company that produces a lethal chemical that called sodium thiopental, stopped its production to move to other country, they did so to export this chemical with higher price and they succeeded. So why all this money spent on killing people that we don’t have the right to, instead of investing it to help humans, to develop, to discover new ways to stop crimes rather than eliminating humans.Moreover, researches that have been made, prove that not only death penalty does not affect the crime rates, but also it does not add any effect compared to long-term imprisonment. So why do people proceed in executions? In fact, in the United States Of America, the states that do not have death penalty tends to have lower crime rates than states with death penalty. According to Nick Gillespie ” murder rate per 100,000 residents in non-death-penalty states has been consistently lower than the rate in states with executions”. (Gillespie,3). So it is proven that death penalty is not necessary at all. Also another thing that Nick Gillespie added is ” 88 percent of criminal-justice experts responding to a poll saying the death penalty does not act as a deterrent of murder” (Gillespie,3). As a result to death penalty is not effective and should be abolished.  People should put into consideration that criminals are not born so, they become so from what they see and learn, governments who supports death penalty are the real criminals, they are the only one to blame for these crimes.Death penalty is immoral for us as humans, simply we are not Gods to decide whether someone should die or should not, we do not create so we do not have the right to take lifes. Souls only belongs to the one who created it not us. Nick Gillespie states “There’s no good way to kill a person, even one as completely unsympathetic as Wood” (‘Gillespie,2). There are several ways for execution, from hanging,to electric chair, to chemical injection, to gas chamber, none of them is ethical or merciful as other claims. Always there are mistakes, as mentioned in the article Slow Death Of Death Penalty ” Michael Wilson complained “I feel my whole body burning” as he was executed in Oklahoma with a drug cocktail” (Slow Death,5). So we do not call torturing a soul a crime, because it is in the name of justice. In addition to, there are many victims of death penalty that died in vein, without committing any crime, since justice according to all supreme courts is not about the truth, it is about what you can prove in the court. Who are we to condemn one’s sins, for no one is perfect we all born with flaws no, one is flawless. No one is perfect and capable enough to judge whether a person deserves to die or not, only the perfect is God, that is why he is the only one who judges. Ironically murderers with mental issues lives, while anyone who has the ability to kill is mentally sick or derived to do so to survive, in both cases it is not his fault, no one plans to kill.On the other hand, there are people who supports the idea of death penalty,  David B. Muhlhausen says “61 percent of Americans view the death penalty as morally acceptable, and only 30 percent disagreed” (Muhlhausen,2). Which means that the majority accept the fact of taking someone’s life. If they do not mind killing someone as a punishment, so they all do not differ than the killer himself. People who support this idea claims that they want for them and for their children a safe environment so they approve with killing people as a punishment, meanwhile, these murderers could be put in prison for life then claimers will have a safe environment too and that works for both. People are just selfish and go with the easier solution. Additionally some people supports death penalty for the criminal will be an example to others, does life imprisonment does not make from him an example? do we have to take lifes to control our humanity? Does it worth people’s lives? People who supports death penalty do not have a convincing reason for such a crime, yes it is a crime and immoral one, when we humans stand to watch someone’s life taken in front of our sight just because an ordinary man(the judge) said so, we also committing a crime.Finally