The citizens of mexico began to protest against spain

The Mayans thrived in the Yucatan peninsula for over a thousand years. The Mayans were well known for their advanced knowledge of astronomy and mathematics they understood the concept of zero centuries before the Europeans did and developed the only functional writing system.Their cities were complex with schools and libraries hospitals and even sports arenas the Mayans did not have natural springs to provide fresh water for their people they had to develop a series of channels and tombs in order to redirect and store enough water to keep the empire going. later then came the aztecs which grew over the years and  the empire expanded from coast to coast by the time Hernan Cortes came the empire was with more than five  million people, Hernan saw that Mexico had an abundance of gold and silver and also saw the crops like chocolate and corn and also tomates and saw to make them cash crops  and later spain  was able to turn much of aztec enemies against them, the aztec empire fell when famine, small pox and being betrayed from other tribes after this the spaniards took over and built over Tenochtitlán’ and built a government known as viceroys which were controlled by the spanish monarchy over time the citizens of mexico began to protest against spain and there government type later in 1821 mexico became independent from spain and saw its victory over time mexico was ruled by small groups of wealthy landowners but later then was overpowered by a military dictator known as caudillos by the 1800s it moved aways from a dictator and moved into democratic but somehow the caudillos would mange into over throwing and come again into power it wasn’t until 1917 when there was a revolution in which later was the inspiration to the constitution and have a federal republic type of government which is still used to today’s dates .Mexico’s type of government Mexico’s type of government is federal-republic in which it is divided into three branches these are then into different types of systems. Divided to  thirty two states that are divided into municipalities, the separation of each section is essential for the division of power and currently has a federal system which  divides the control of the country into three different powers there’s the judicial branch level that is entirely made up by eleven ministers the supreme court of justice and then there is the state court of justice .They also have the executive level confirmed by the president and the state governors and the mayors and the last system is the legislative level that is made up of a hundred and twenty-eight senators and five hundred deputies.There are two types of deputies in Mexico government the federal and the local each one of them has the obligation to improve the conditions to the country by proposing and approving laws that affect the country and the citizens the local deputies take care of certain sections of each state without acting in other states. Federal deputies have had the job to improve all states as a whole nation but they also represent different states.There is also the chamber of deputies is integrated by five hundred deputies out of those three hundred are chosen by people and are known to be referred to as uninominal deputies the other two hundred left are chosen by the percentage of the votes that are the party obtained better known as plurinominal deputies.A circumscription is the geographical division of national territory for electoral purposes this is to make it less difficult so this makes the process faster three hundred electoral districts were created so it would be simple to vote for the deputies which is also called or known as the single member constituency to which in this system the winner of the elections is the individual winner regardless to the percentage of votes the deputies are called uninomial deputies six percent of the chamber is elected by this method, the other forty percent is elected by the proportional representation system meaning that the final percentage of the uninominal deputies of each party will be the percentage of the plurinominal deputies from the two hundred spots left over all mexico as a whole