The chance of suffering from obesity which can lead

products that we consume (our diets) can have a major impact on our fitness.
This is because some of the foods and drinks that we consume will conation a
lot of unwanted fats and sugars which our body does not need meaning that you
can ends up with a lot of health conditions if you excessively consume a high
number of calories and do not eat the right kinds of foods. If you consume a
high amount of fatty and sugary foods, then you are at risk of having blood
pressure and high cholesterol levels. If you lead an unhealthy lifestyle and
have a poor diet then you will have a higher chance of suffering from obesity
which can lead to serious health conations such as hypoglycaemia, heart
disease and diabetes.
This can
also have an impact on our fitness levels because you will need to lead an
active lifestyle to ensure that you are keeping your body healthy. When you
exercise you will allow the body to burn of the excess mounts of calories
that you may have consumed in your diet and this then keeps your body
healthy. If you have a balanced and varied diet (meaning you ensure that your
meals consist of at least one item of foods or drinks of each of the foods
groups) and you have an active lifestyle then you will also allow your body
and mind to rest and recuperate itself because if you lead a healthy
lifestyle then you will be able to get better sleep, which will allow your
brain to continue to Grow and develop itself.
can make sure that you are leading and active lifestyle by participating in
representational and sport activities. This is because alongside retaining
the rights kinds of food you should also ensure you are undertaking the daily
limit of exercise (at least 10 mins of exercise a day) which will keep your
mind and body healthy, this can also help with your emaoitional wellbeing
because you can use sport as a form of escapism rather than dealing with your
issues by eating an excessive amount or not enough amounts of food and
people may undertake bad habits such as taking drugs, drinking or smoking, as
they believe that this is the best method of dealing with tough situations
that occur during their life’s. This can lead the individuals to suffer from
addiction. This is because they may end up relaying on these kinds of
activities to get them by each day and they will feel the need to have them
all the time, therefor, they may become addicted to them.
have a serious impact on your health as they can lead to serious health
conditions in the future and they can also have an impact the amount of sleep
that an individual has because they have an impact on the brains ability to
process information. Sleep is important because it allows for our minds and
body to be able to rest, repair and recuperate from the days actions and this
then aids in a human growth and development